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Author Topic: Journals and News Sheets  (Read 1242 times)
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« on: 02 November, 2014, 05:23:51 PM »

What do you do when you are a "bit under the weather" ?

Sort out your piles of old LMC newssheets, journals and other LMC related paper-junk of course ....

I have been around the LMC since the mid/late 70's and have been collecting all sorts of bits and bobs since then. Although I was not a paid up member at this time because I was too young, I followed Paul (Bishop - my stepfather) around, picking up his discarded newssheets and journals once he'd read them - plus retrieving those he'd kept from before I was around !

Consequently, I have a near complete set from the late 70's until I dipped out in about 2007, plus a few from the late 60' and early 70's. I also have most of the journals from summer '71 until its demise in late '92

Obviously there has been a huge change over this time so I thought I'd share a few observations from a random 5 yearly dip into the collection ! It is not meant to be comprehensive , nor even a precise chronology of change in the format, just observations .......

I really enjoyed the in-depth articles in the Journal, the newssheet was just that at the time - a sheet containing whats on, what's for sale and a summary of club news
The 1971 Summer Journal had non of that, but some excellent , long pieces like "The 130 mph Flavia Zagato"

It was edited at this time by Nigel Trow and members of the LMC committe included John Millham and Tony Stephens

By the time the last Journal was written (Winter 1992), it had become much more like our present "Viva Lancia" with the then editor Brian Long suggesting it was time for a single publication " to eliminate the confusion, cut costs and provide a better service to our members"

The NewsSheet had definitely changed. The first copy I have is number 13 from November 1968, typed on funny sized paper (narrower and longer than A4 - sorry but I'm not old enough to remember the old paper sizes !) , edited by John Maltby.
It covered social events and a piece on Lancia (England) Ltd disposing of all their remaining Aurelia spares ..... to Harry ! In the 'for sale' section a 6th ser. B20 was selling for £450 and half a gallon of Lancia Blue paint for 30 shillings !

John Maltby was still editor in July '73 and a lot of the issue was about the Lancia Clubs International meeting of that year

By July '78 The editor was Stuart Wilkinson and the newssheet had moved to the new A5 format. A report on the AGM reported that the auction raised £289.75 with about £58 going to the club - do we still do this ??
Paul Mayo was installed as librarian at this time

Cars for sale included a pair of excellent Flaminias , 2.5 3c conv plus 2.8 3c GTL , for £2000

December '83 saw a 28 page newssheet featuring a classic Eddie Gee cartoon on the cover. Ted Gibbs was the editor and photos had started to appear. Peter Gerrish produced the last Fulvia Consortium column and Georgina Hands (Brian's daughter ??) published a delightful piece of children's honesty - " "I hate ratty old Lancias" - my mum says"

Lots of cars for sale, including an S1 1600 HF for £1500, being sold by Stuart Gross (whatever happened to him, my B20 came from him !)

The August '88 edition had grown to 36 pages and featured many more photos and had a lovely picture of Steve Henshall's Aprilia on the cover. Still in B&W. The Rudler twins were editing it at this point and the AGM that year has some great pictures of a young Don Williamson, Martin and Elizabeth Cliffe amongst others. There were lots of advertisers as well, people like BetaCar and Sandbach Auto who have long since gone.

For sale included an immaculate 2000 HF Coupé for £2995

The NewsSheet became "Viva Lancia" at the beginning of 1993 under the editorial-ship of Jack Romano. This edition was 46 pages long and Jack was still calling for more material ! It was now in the new, big format and in colour

The for sale section featured pictures and an Aurelia B20 in perfect order could be had for £15,000 or a 1600 HF for £2,500
Some of the first full page "advertorials" started to appear from Barry Waterhouse

By Feb 1998 the front page format had moved from white to blue but retained the same feel. Lots of good quality photos and lengthy articles, including a frightening one about "Old Boot" coming to grief with a Ford Escort.

The lovely Aprilia from the cover 10 years was for sale at £13,000 and a Delta 1300 could be had for £475. Omicron had taken up its familiar back page position as well

My final contribution here is the October 2003 edition , where the quality of the articles was still very high , but the for sale section and advertising was significantly less.

I recall being excited at the prospect of the Fulvietta being produced and was reminded of the first "Lancias in the Piazza" day where I took our 1st series Fulvia RME 9F

Now, I've sorted out the Journal/newssheets,  I'll have to get round to the magazine articles and brochures .....   

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* P1010216.jpg (169.03 KB, 960x1280 - viewed 234 times.)

* P1010217.jpg (165.8 KB, 960x1280 - viewed 236 times.)

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Chris Hopkins
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« Reply #1 on: 02 November, 2014, 06:15:45 PM »

The Library already has lists of articles for the Journals (Brian Long) and VLs (Me), available on the club database but if you could take on the Newsletters, that would be very welcome.  I could then if required complete the set from library copies of any you don't have.

Chris Hopkins
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1973 Fulvia Sport 1600
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« Reply #2 on: 02 November, 2014, 06:21:11 PM »

Really interesting Simon, thanks ! I didn't know that The Journal and Newsletter ran together. One thing it convinces me of is that the Forum needs to be preserved (which it is) as there is 9 years worth of topics on here ( presently ) which we will be able to look through too Smiley

... and as Chris has said , if you want to catalogue the articles for Newsletters - that would be great Smiley

Steve Pilgrim

1993 Delta HF integrale Evo II (Hammond's Icon - No.4)
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