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Author Topic: B20 at track day  (Read 6160 times)
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Permanent resident
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« Reply #15 on: 01 September, 2012, 07:27:35 AM »

Sounds very familiar....and why nowadays its back to square one with full disassembly for me with any 'old' engine even if it appears to  be a runner. I have read your previous comments about this car and understand completely the reasons for you ending up in this situation - what a shame that the owner doesnt appreciate what it takes to do the job properly.
The engine is around 55 years old for goodness sake and whilst not complex in design, there are areas which can easily cause problems.
On the subject of studs, in the past  I have purchased sets of newly made studs from various sources and had problems so these days I try to use original Lancia studs which do not show any signs of corrosion or 'necking' particularly in the head gasket area.
Keep up the good work.

Chris Gawne
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« Reply #16 on: 01 September, 2012, 07:53:16 AM »

Kevin, I completely understand your reluctance to get in to the sorry tale of the B20 in the background. Your post and indeed the response from Chris, make me wonder what I will find when its time to attack my engine, seized and last run some 35yrs ago ... time will tell !!

Good luck with getting those last studs removed and I sincerely hope that is the last of your engine problems for some time.

Now the only remaining question relates to your fan. Is your fan a young lady, as suggested by David, or a young gentleman? Oh, and make the most of having your offspring as a fan, in my experience it doesn't last long. The transition from 'my dad is the greatest' to 'my dad is a moron' comes sooner rather than later and happens overnight !!!!!!!!!!!! The good news is that the 'moron' phase is also shortlived.

Best wishes,

Kevin MacBride
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« Reply #17 on: 01 September, 2012, 04:12:03 PM »

A little girl, Jessie. We adopted her from Novgorod in Russia about 3 years ago. If she even sees me looking in the direction of my workshop, the coat in on....Also pink would not be her preferred choice of clothing colour (blame the wife)
I have a little boy, John aged 8. Although a dad who plays with old cars, whilst initially a curiosity, was not 'cool' enough.
That, however changed one day, when a few old friends (from the dreaded 70/80's) called around. the noise from the workshop was not the usual hammering and cursing (although there was a bit), the sight of a few oul lads blasting out a few tunes (the Zeppelin cover of 'Nobodys fault but mine' being the one to catch his attention)
So, his dad was cool beyond his wildest dreams.....for the moment.

* 009.JPG (149.24 KB, 640x480 - viewed 305 times.)

B20 4th series (having a 'facelift')

2000 sedan
Fiat Multipla
Fiat Cinquecento
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« Reply #18 on: 01 September, 2012, 06:56:08 PM »

My humble apologies to  Jessie. I am sure, if you look hard enough, you would be able to find pink overalls, then your wife would be happy and you wouldn't have to worry if you needed a little help with a particularly dirty job. 

As for Zeppelin, keep on, being a tad older than you I find Buddy Holly ticks the boxes for me. Its just that Jim is so damn noisy with the angle grinder ... I keep telling him, if he did it right first time ......

Permanent resident
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« Reply #19 on: 27 October, 2012, 06:45:02 PM »

Kevin, missed this thread for some reason.....lets blame another Aurelia!

Great wiping all those other Italian pseudo-stallions, collective eyes on the track!

Some day all your Lancia collection will be Jessies, look after them well!


Frank Gallagher
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