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Author Topic: Kent and Sussex members virtual drive it day, but open to all.  (Read 1862 times)
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« on: 25 April, 2020, 07:38:35 PM »

LMC Kent and Sussex virtual drive out day 26th April 2020.
This is an idea I stole from the VSCC, hope fully they wonít mind. Iím not sure how they have done it but this is what I have come up with.
These instructions are based on OS land-ranger map number 188, Maidstone and Royal Tunbridge Wells, combined with the UK grid reference finder
This is just a bit of fun whilst we canít do the real thing, but maybe we can in the autumn? You will be sent on a journey through the Sussex and Kent country side and 500 years of history with, hopefully, clear route instructions. Along the route, a Grid Reference and clue will indicate a landmark, place or pub. See if you can figure these out using the above map, or other similar large scale map, and website, along with Google maps. You may need a little extra research for the odd one or two. The route is around 20 miles long and there are 13 Grid References and clues to find, enjoy the drive. Mileages have not been used as this was all planned from my sofa, but will be added for the real thing.
Starting point:
Neville Crest and Gun, Eridge. TN9 3JR Grid reference TQ 55948 35967.
1)   Leave the car park and on reaching the A26 turn Right.
2)   Take the 2nd right signed The Forstall at the end of the road, turn right again towards Groombridge.
3)   TQ 53257 37046: Thomas is a frequent visitor here?
4)   At the junction with the B2110 turn left, then take the right fork to Hartfield still on the B2110.
5)   TQ 49635 35646: This hostelry seems to be in the wrong county?
6)   In Hartfield turn right on the B2026
7)   TQ 47472 37714: Henry VIII courted Anne Boleyn from here.
Cool   When you hit the A264 cross the staggered crossroads staying on the B2026.
9)   Cross the border into Kent then turn right at the staggered crossroads into station road.
10) Turn left into Cow lane towards Markbeech.
11) TQ 47919 42387: At the junction could you get a lucky wedding symbol here?
12) In Markbeech turn right, then fork left into Uckfield road.
13) Turn right at the T junction after Rectory lane.
14) TQ 47596 44822: Donít lose your head at this hostelry!
15) TQ 47821 45203: Anne Boleynís country pad.
16) At the Wheatsheaf pub go straight across the crossroads onto the B2027 then fork right into Mill lane.
17) Follow Chiddingstone Road past the Castle Inn and go left at the grass triangle.
18) TQ 50651 45244: The Darling buds of May could have visited here for refreshment?
19) On joining the B2027 turn right.
20) TQ 51992 46525: Past Glen Millers favourite pub?
21) Turn right onto the B2176.
22) Continue south on the B2126 through two junctions one Y one T.
23) TQ 52740 44007: The birthplace of a great Elizabethan poet, courtier and soldier.
24) At the T junction turn left still on the B2126 towards Bidborough.
25) Fork right into Poundsbridge Lane
26) TQ 53932 42313: Manís best friend can stay here.
27) Go past Poundsbridge Hill then fork right into Bullingstone lane.
28) At the end of Bullingstone Lane turn right into Speldhurst Road.
29) TQ 54288 39175: This hostelry must be popular in March!
30) Straight over the crossroads into Broom Lane
31) TQ 54826 38021: Dib Dib! Tents ahoy!
32) After joining South Farm Road at a Y junction, go across the cross road into Lodge Lane.
33) After joining Fairview lane at a Y junction, turn left onto Broadwater Forest Lane.
34) TQ 56183 37075: Pegasus lived here.
35) At the A 26 turn right towards Crowborough then right again into The Neville, Crest and Gun. Finish

Congratulations youíve completed the drive, get yourself a well-earned drink at the virtual bar! How did you get on? The answers will be on the forum in mid-May or if you canít wait that long, send me an email,  and Iíll send them on to you. There are no prizes on this occasion but I hope you have enjoyed taking part as much as Iíve enjoyed putting it together.
Alison Ure

Permanent resident
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« Reply #1 on: 26 April, 2020, 12:24:43 PM »

Thanks Alison, I printed my copy to have a go later, enjoying the sunny weather and a brief drive to fill up the Fulvia earlier.


1973 Fulvia S2 1.3
Permanent resident
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« Reply #2 on: 26 April, 2020, 12:36:48 PM »

Lovely !!!

I know we don't want too much traffic on the same day (as if...) but do you mind me posting this on another club site?  We don't want to overwhelm the virtual dog walkers and cyclists or have too many at the virtual bar.

David Laver, Lewisham.
Posts: 392

« Reply #3 on: 26 April, 2020, 08:38:29 PM »

What speed are we supposed to average? Smiley

Permanent resident
Posts: 1157

« Reply #4 on: 24 May, 2020, 09:16:40 PM »

I finally managed to complete the virtual drive it day route this week, a good hour or so fun one lunch time, an interesting route, not an area I know, but I would like to try it for real when we are allowed. 

Well done Alison, maybe this will be the way we do this sort of event in the future.


1973 Fulvia S2 1.3
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