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08 May, 2021, 12:37:53 AM *
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 on: 06 May, 2021, 06:30:44 AM 
Started by lancianut666 - Last post by lancianut666
Too much info there Kevin 🤕🤕🤕 Hopefully it will settle down and the sadists at the hospital won't have to open the gum up again. Good news is the gear change boot has arrived..

 on: 06 May, 2021, 06:00:02 AM 
Started by 038tipo - Last post by neil-yaj396
Hi there, is the AGM on this year?
Thanks, Mihran'.

I think so. I have booked via the number in VL.

 on: 06 May, 2021, 05:58:49 AM 
Started by Kevinlincs - Last post by neil-yaj396
Would have thought you could have sold it on here pretty easily Kevin.

 on: 05 May, 2021, 08:14:58 PM 
Started by Mikenoangelo - Last post by Mikenoangelo
Another day of tweaking propshaft issues yesterday!

I checked the gearbox output shaft and the pinion shaft spigots on the which the centering spiders of the propshaft run - they both run true.

I tested the balance of the Hardy discs by fitting  centering spiders to both sides of a disc and then rolling it on the knife edges. I must congratulate the supplier of the discs which were not only dimensionally very correct but very close to being perfectly balanced so no problem there. The discs weigh 490gms and needed no more than 2-3 gms added to one of the bolts to make them roll evenly. To give you an idea how small this is, an 8mm washer weighs about 2 gms.

I retested the propshaft with the discs fitted but they still were a little bit off balance whether they rolled on the bosses of the centering spiders or on the tube itself.

I then turned to the bolts, 10 of which are original with castle nut and split pin and two non original with self-locking nuts (these were mounted opposite to one another so should have been in balance). It turned out that the original bolts weigh 22gms and the castle nut 8 gms, a total of 30gms.  The spurious bolts weighed 24 gms and 26 gms apiece including the nut - these are 7.8mm diameter and 1.25 mm pitch rather than the correct precise 8mm and 1mm pitch of the original bolts, the lighter of the two spurious bolts also has a 13mm head rather than 14mm. I added two washers to one of the miscreants and three to the other and put them opposite to one another on the disc. The whole propshaft with discs would now roll pretty uniformly on the knife edges, whether riding on the tube of the shaft or on the bosses of the centering spiders. This also confirms that the centering spiders are in true alignment with the rest of the shaft

I was a little sceptical as to whether such small variation matters, but nevertheless put  it back on the car and this morning in brilliant sunshine had a test run. Amazingly even such a small balance correction on the bolts does have an effect as the vibration is now hardly noticeable just around 3100 rpm but then fading away up to my personal 3500 rpm limit. Iíll machine two new bolts to the proper size and weight, starting with a standard 10mm bolt, and leaving the head a bit deep so I can make a final weight adjustment. Too cold in the garage this evening and it's snowing!

I still find it hard to believe such a small weight difference could make a difference, but it evidently does.

This leads me on to a more general question - why is it that Lancias seem so sensitive to a slight imbalance which by all accounts is not confined to Augustas?

 on: 05 May, 2021, 07:19:21 PM 
Started by Kevinlincs - Last post by Kevinlincs
This afternoon the Y10 had its longest ride for many a year, all the way to North Yorkshire to Mathewsons auction house where it will be in the June auction, people may have seen the TV show "Bangers and Cash" that is filmed there.
They also did a greta job on selling Richards' Fulvia recently so I will trust the Y10 to them.
Should appear on their website soon, I'll put links up as and when.
Derek took it for a little spin around the block and proclaimed himself happy with it.
Car did the 100+mile journey without a hitch, hardly used any fuel too. Even had a snow shower on the way up between the sunshine!

 on: 05 May, 2021, 07:07:10 PM 
Started by lancianut666 - Last post by Kevinlincs
Ooh, I feel your pain there mate.
I had all 4 done in one sitting in the Hospital years back, one of them went horribly wrong, in agony for about 3 days as it wouldn't stop bleeding which caused nausea, which restarted the bleeding, which caused get the picture. Doctor finally came up with the solution as I couldn't keep any pills down, never knew pills could work from that direction!  Shocked

Hope yours is better soon!! Grin

 on: 05 May, 2021, 04:09:36 PM 
Started by dannels - Last post by Richard Fridd
So some heads are stamped to match distributor cap numbers and some are stamped to match cylinder numbers. Back to electric fuel pumps, despite some instructions saying horizontal mounting is ok, outlet at the top is logical to allow vapour to escape, so I have remounted my Facet pump vertically/ outlet at top as a precaution against previous suspected fuel starvation. Richard

 on: 05 May, 2021, 03:58:12 PM 
Started by Richard Fridd - Last post by Richard Fridd
Thanks Tim, the symptoms are, turn off key and engine falters then dies after 10 seconds. Switch seems ok when checked for open circuit between 12v in and 12v out to coil (cotton braided wire) albeit with engine not running. Disconnect cotton braided wire from coil, same thing happens. Leave cotton braided wire connected to coil and disconnect mystery black wire, same thing happens. Disconnect both of these wires at the coil and engine stops of course. Richard

 on: 05 May, 2021, 02:01:09 PM 
Started by Fulviaclassics - Last post by Fulviaclassics
In action on the road in Italy December 2020

 on: 05 May, 2021, 01:53:50 PM 
Started by Richard Fridd - Last post by lancialulu
electronic rev-counter is on the points side. Maybe some kind of immobiliser. Lancia fitted a variety of aftermarket bolsters etc some with a key switch to kill the ignition, but I cannot see that working in your set up.

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