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 on: Yesterday at 11:15:07 PM 
Started by andyps - Last post by andyps
Successfully separated this evening, no damage to the glass in the process either so pleased so far. The mirror paint seems to work well too - I'll post some photos when it is finished.

 on: Yesterday at 09:09:01 PM 
Started by Beckerman67 - Last post by cyborg7
I don't think there's any harm in a bit of gentle joshing - especially if it adds another perspective. While I'm all for improving safety, it does need to be considered in the context of how safe driving 50ish year old technology really is.

 on: Yesterday at 08:11:07 PM 
Started by GerardJPC - Last post by SanRemo78
Duel is a fab film.    Sadly this mini adventure was not so dramatic.   I was pretty relaxed about it.  The trucker needs to chill out a bit.

Fantastic film (Spielberg's first and great performance by Dennis Weaver!) and yes, I was hinting at that in the first reply!!


 on: Yesterday at 07:45:49 PM 
Started by GerardJPC - Last post by GerardJPC
Duel is a fab film.    Sadly this mini adventure was not so dramatic.   I was pretty relaxed about it.  The trucker needs to chill out a bit.

 on: Yesterday at 07:17:06 PM 
Started by GerardJPC - Last post by simonpen
As a cyclist I can tell you that skip lorries are usually the most aggressively driven vehicles on the road. I hop off if I see one coming. Re Duel, I think that was Speilbergs first feature and the noise that the truck makes at the end is lifted from Godzilla. 

 on: Yesterday at 06:22:35 PM 
Started by GerardJPC - Last post by frankxhv773t
That sort of rang a bell and on checking, yes, there is a film about being chased by a lorry (truck).

 on: Yesterday at 05:49:37 PM 
Started by Beckerman67 - Last post by GlynW
Thanks for the discussion, everybody.  I am about to dismantle my dash to address some other wiring issues, so I will make the change to the reversing lights that JayDub has suggested.  I am also replacing the courtesy (festoon) bulbs and indicators with their LED equivalents (new flasher unit also required for LED bulbs)  so will soon have a (partly) 21st C Fulvia.  While I respect Lancia engineering highly, I am much less purist when it come to Italian electrics.

While we are on electrical & dashboard issues, Tim (LanciaLulu) has previously suggested using ceramic bullet fuses, which I did not know existed.  I guess they should have  a higher melting point and lower thermal conductivity than plastic fuses and so might reduce the amount of heat that reaches, and can melt, the fuse cover.  16A ceramic fuses can be bought from Frosts for 2.65/20 (

I have also discovered a good supplier, Boltbase, of small quantities of bolts:  Very useful for small quantities of specialist items - like grub screws for knobs and small domed, countersunk bolts for lock cover plates and sill covers).


 on: Yesterday at 05:42:04 PM 
Started by GerardJPC - Last post by SanRemo78
ooooh - I see a film script here!! Has anyone ever done a film about a car being chased down by a mad lorry? If he caught you then you might have to challenge him to a Duel.

Sorry if you had a bad experience, he probably wanted to tell you his Dad used to drive an Appia!


 on: Yesterday at 05:05:02 PM 
Started by GerardJPC - Last post by GerardJPC
I have been driving various classic cars since 1989.  I do not recall ever experiencing road rage whilst driving a classic.  Sometimes other drivers give you a wide berth because they may assume that the weird old car is about to explode, has no brakes, or whatever; but quite often other drivers and pedestrians smile at the car, make approving gestures, allow you out of junctions or to change lane, and so on.  

Last week I experienced road rage for the first time whilst driving a classic car.  Driving my 1962 Appia, I overtook a large and lumbering lorry on a long straight bit of country road.   The lorry accelerated while I was passing it, and after I passed it gave chase.  I could see it in my mirror driving around some tight corners at a speed that looked a bit risky for a large lorry (the Appia is very nimble in corners).  The driver flashed the lorry's lights and honked the horn.  I did wonder if the driver was trying to warn me of something wrong with the Appia, but it was driving fine, no smoke was pouring out of the back, and nothing appeared to have fallen off it.    There was nowhere safe to stop to check anyway.    

Had I been in my Beta or my 2000 HF, I could easily have vanished over the horizon,but the Appia is not that fast, and so the zealously driven lorry kept up, more or less.

Arriving at a T junction with a main road, I paused to check for traffic.  The lorry driver pulled up sharply, leapt from his cab and ran towards my car.  I pulled away safely and had vanished down a side turning before the lorry got going again.

I checked the car over.  Nothing had fallen off it.  I checked it later with a friend following me to check for nasty smoke from the exhaust - none appeared.   It was not chucking out oil or coolant.  Thus I have to conclude that this was an episode of road rage.  Crikey!  Who knew that being overtaken by an almost sixty year old Italian car was so challenging to the sense of self!

Somewhere on a trucker forum there is an irate post about some old giffer in some old banger who deserved a kicking for daring to overtake the mighty skip lorry.

 on: Yesterday at 04:48:16 PM 
Started by Dilambdaman - Last post by Dilambdaman
Had a problem wiring tow bar electrics on my Lancia (Chrysler) Delta 3. Rear lights and brake light use the same cable - what's that all about? Huh? Canbus or something apparently

Contacted Phil Smith Auto Electrical in Crawley West Sussex.
01293 400597    07766 657180

Great guy who really knows his stuff. Van packed full of test gear and parts. Happy to work on all ages of vehicle.

No connection to him other than as a very satisfied customer. Highly recommended.


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