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Title: 1963 Series 1 Flavia PF Coupe "FUSES"
Post by: BlueKSO on 04 August, 2017, 04:31:02 PM
Have just had to replace the fuse, 8 amp ? (fuel pump not working) in the main fuse block.  I was quite surprised at how low the ampage of the majority of the rest of the fuses were.  Being used to British classics where 25 amp fuses seems to cover all bases.
I have managed to translate much of the discriptive text on the cover but l'm not sure if over a period of time the right ampage fuses are now in the right place.  Reminds me of playing the piano, all the notes are there
but,  ~  you know the rest! 
As the manual isn't very helpful perhaps someone could tell me what the fuse ratings should be.  Lets say, if it makes sense, starting from the front.

Cheers,  Peter