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Title: Lancia Motor Club - FB Page now over 1200 like minded enthusiasts!
Post by: DELTONA on 23 May, 2017, 08:48:09 AM
Hi all, just for those who are not aware and tend to keep away from social media, heres a little friendly update you might find of interest.
The LMC Facebook page now has over 1,200 worldwide members, thats 1,200 members with atleast one thing in common with you everything and anything 'LANCIA' related. If the shear thought of being on Facebook makes you shudder you can now have an account which is very private therefore if you choose not be contacted or do not want to post anything - you can. With this in mind you can use the LMC FB page to your advantage in many ways i.e.: just read posts relating to the same car as yours and look at images etc. of if you wanted ask: who has that illusive part you have been after for an age?, or has anyone else experienced the same issue you are experiencing on your LANCIA? The list and possibilities are endless and the fact you are talking to a worldwide audience, you may find what you are looking for or the answer to your question very quickly. The Facebook page will never take away from this online forum and is there just as an additional benefit should you wish to use it. All the very best and I hope this helps a little. :-)