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Title: Full set of black Spyder S2 f/l seats
Post by: 2cojones on 21 May, 2017, 09:21:25 PM
I have at last found a full set of retrimmed leather seats for my Spyder. This means that I have a full set of Spyder seats which I bought las year to sell on.

They do need re-stitching or recovering but the frame and mechanisms seem fine. I have some pics on request.

I live down on the South Coast in Peacehaven near Brighton so it may prove a little too far for some for collection.  I do need to make space and sell them on as soon as possible but I would be happy to put to one side if they are paid first and then collected in a few weeks (by agreement).

If there is no interest I plan to stick them on eBay in about two weeks time.  I would like 150 for them but am open to offers.

Regards, Chris