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Title: Fiat Barchetta
Post by: Caracad on 20 August, 2016, 08:05:35 AM
Sold the VX220 and bought a Barchetta as a modern to go with the Gamma and Fulvia.

I like it. It's very pretty in my opinion and Italian, but to drive its no where near as good as either Lancia.

Have been using the Fulvia this week. Drove it up to Warwick where I'm currently working. Brilliant. Sunday night up the Fossway was just tremendous.
Came back yesterday and went out in the Barchetta and its just not that great a drive. Synthetic numb steering, strange boingy" throttle and an engine that just drones away in the back ground.

It's nice to have as a modern and more interesting than a VW/Audi/Ford etc but just highlights why I love old Lancias so much.