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Title: Removing the latest Ypsilon rear light cluster
Post by: Chris Hopkins on 28 April, 2016, 04:33:58 PM
Just in case you need to change any of your rear bulbs, I thought I would pass on my experience when the near side brake light bulb blew.
The handbook is not very helpful for this job but you don't have to disturb anything in the boot and you only have to remove the 2 pozidrive hexhead fasteners visible when you lift the tailgate, just to the side of the cluster.  However, it is held in place also by 4 plastic lugs so even with the screws removed it is still very tightly held.  So as not to damage the bodywork, use a thin piece of wood or plastic the width of the gap between the cluster and the body at the tight corner of the lens to prise it away gently towards the rear.  For things like this, I just put a bit of grease on the lugs so they may not be quite so tight next time.