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Title: Beta Coupe Boot Lock
Post by: neil-yaj396 on 25 April, 2016, 06:18:12 AM
It's not often that a problem posted draws a complete blank on the Betaboyz Forum, but here's one an Australian member and myself have not got anywhere on. Has anyone in the Club come across this problem?......

'On replacing my boot lid the best the paint shop could manage with the boot lock (transferred from the old lid) was having it in the 'locked ' position. It could be jiggled open with the key, but wouldn't fully pop out into the unlocked position and the lid would therefore be automatically locked when you closed it. I couldn't do with this, as it was just begging to break the precious plastic fob of the key.

I've taken off the lock and catch but can only re fit it in the unlocked position. If you try to lock it (fortunately I tried it with the lid open!) the cam of the lock turns off the back of the catch lever and won't re-engage in front of it by turning the key as required. It used to do this with a click after a small bit of resistance.

Is something missing? I only have the catch and the lock mechanism.'