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Title: 165HR400 Cinturato tyres - up-date via Longstone tyres.
Post by: Parisien on 26 January, 2016, 11:00:47 AM
Please see an email  reply from Dougal Cawley of Longstone tyres which may be of interest to Aurelia owners.


Firstly I would like to thank you greatly for putting that posting in the general chat section of your forum. It does seem to have created a few mixed questions that I hope could be answered as follows:

         Yes we do still give discounts to LMC members. (except the special offers we have on sets of 165HR14 Cinturato that you might fit to a Fulvia they are already too heavily discounted) The way to get the LMC discount is to telephone 00 44  1302 711123. We will offer a club discounts and in  most cases on Michelin and Pirelli products we can offer free shipping too (this will include the up and coming 165HR400 CA67)

        Yes the video is short and not very informative; but to be frank I was surprised to get it at all. Generally tyre manufaccturers are more guarded about what imagery comes out of their factories, I wonder if I was supposed to post this video at all.

        Thank you for your compliments Westernlancia; yes you can still get our posters free  on  line if you follow this link Also if you want the saucy one make a note in the comments section.

        I think an Appia would fit 155HR15. If the data on this page and  any additions you could make to it would be great fully received. Yes the Cinturato has been almost continuously available. Hopefully within the very near future the price of this tyre will go down slightly.  And yes sadly Michelin  no longer make the 155SR15 X  but they do make a 155HR155 XAS which is an excellent tyre.



I realise I am being commercial and slightly cheaky asking for these posts, but I am hoping that you would also be able to make a posting about the 165HR400 Cinturato tyres in the Aurelia & Flaminia sections of your forum too in an attempt to inform the people it will effect most.

 Again thank you for your assistance it is greatly appreciated, and I hope useful to your members.

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Longstone Tyres

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00 44 1302 711123


Title: Re: 165HR400 Cinturato tyres - up-date via Longstone tyres.
Post by: fay66 on 26 January, 2016, 11:12:00 AM
Nice to hear from someone who is aware of the current situation of availability of tyres for our Lancias, and can advise on correct sizes.
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