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Title: Lancia Aurelia Barchetta telaio Basso carrozzeria Stabilimenti Farina - RFI
Post by: peteracs on 23 January, 2016, 03:24:05 PM
Hi All

This was posted on Lancisti and thought that it was interesting enough to realist here and someone may know of the car...!

"Hi everybody!
My name is Gino Ferri and my family have owned a Lancia dealership in Italy since the thirties.
I write on your forum to post photos of the car that my father owned and raced with in the fifties.
My father, Cormons Ferri, sold the car in France in 1958 and since that time I have lost track of him.
After almost 55 years, I decided to write on your forum in the hope that someone has some information about the car. I just would like to know if it still exists.

Any of you will notice that the front changes from picture to picture. The change was desired by my father due to the limited cooling capacity."