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Title: Super Jolly
Post by: LouK on 30 November, 2015, 09:25:41 PM
I have a confession.....we heard about the Padua Super Jolly and well, it's now in our garage  :)

New to Flavia's and of course SJs so all help and support gratefully received....

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: Neil on 30 November, 2015, 10:01:00 PM
Louise, looking forward to seeing the SJ.....

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: on 30 November, 2015, 10:44:12 PM
A picture speaks a thousand words!!!!!!  Come along, photographs please!!!!


Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: Sliding Pillar on 01 December, 2015, 09:39:50 AM
Jason & Louise congratulations on your purchase, the Superjolly is a fabulous and for its time, very advanced vehicle.
I am sure Dikappa has told you some of the weak points to look out for, wheel bearings are not really up to the job, and you will have fun with the Dunlop braking system, twin calipers on each front wheel, and single on the back, plus of course the two servos.
From the photos I have seen it appeared to be missing the door over the spare tyre compartment, do you have this?
In the parts book of the SJ minibus there are three rows of seats in the back, was yours ever like that, or has it only ever had the two rows of back seats. This is however the only SJ minibus I have ever seen pictures of, and being an original 1800cc one it is probably the only one left! 

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: LouK on 01 December, 2015, 04:50:15 PM
Thanks Ade!  I'm not sure Jason needs congratulating as he's a rather hesitant supporter.

You're right that it's missing the rear door for the spare wheel (and the spare wheel!) and no we don't have this part.  I'm actually quite amazed at how original it looks although I qualify that with the fact I haven't seen many interior shots of one.  If anyone has any, I would be very interested.  I have the instruction manual and scoured the internet but information is quite scarce.  I need to do a decent check of the rear but it looks like it originally came with 2 rows of seats and I've seen adverts / materials mentioning an 8 seater (+ driver i.e. me!).  I'm not sure if the rear seats have been refurbished - someone has put new wooden panels on the sides of the van but up front everything looks original. 

The engine starts and the clutch engages and the van moves and electrically it seems sound.  However the brakes are not working at all even though it looks like someone has attempted a fix with evidence of new pipes.  Dikappa saw it at Padua and thought it had all the brake system in situ so we'll have to get to the bottom of this.  We'll outsource to an ex-RTCC mechanic who's worked on them in the past as Jason's not keen at all to attempt a fix without any experience.

It also needs wipers (the motor is in place and working), the horn doesn't work and the steering has huge amount of play with oil around the box.  I also need glass in the rear view mirrors.  However it certainly seems capable of getting an MOT although this is said without a thorough inspection.  The paint looks great from afar but less pleasing up close with a "blow over" at some stage.  I'm not fussed with this with the aim to get it on the road - an MOT and registration being the priority matters.  We've got others ahead of it in the queue for body / paint work so that will be a long term project.

I can't wait to get "Gino" on the road and active at Lancia events!

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: on 01 December, 2015, 05:02:02 PM
Well done on getting hold of a brilliant vehicle. I am sure you will get a huge amount of fun out of owning it and driving will just be part of that!!!!

Hopefully you will not have too much trouble getting hold of the missing items. Good luck.


Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: Parisien on 01 December, 2015, 05:04:22 PM
Well done....Lou, this might be of use......:)


Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: LouK on 01 December, 2015, 05:19:28 PM
Thanks Frank - this brochure is for a Jolly not Super Jolly so I'm not sure that any parts will be similar.

We've got the instruction manual in English and also an Italian version came with the van which has been very helpful to locate things and work out switches and dials although things seem very familiar to my Series 1.5 Fulvia (just sold).

Andy, thank you!  I really do think it is brilliant!  I'll admit to a big van / truck / station wagon fascination (hence the Thema SW) and to find a van with a Lancia badge means a lot and especially one crying out to be used.  I know that we face many "trying" times to get "Gino" on the road and reliable but I'm hopeful that the joy of ownership will greatly overshadow this.  It's amazing how many people (non-Lancia and non-car) have been fascinated by it. 

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: stanley sweet on 01 December, 2015, 06:47:10 PM
Don't suppose it's worth joining the UK Super Jolly Club as you'll be sitting alone in the pub!

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: frankxhv773t on 01 December, 2015, 10:58:30 PM
Congratulations Louise. Jason will surely be won over. As to the bodywork, it sounds in eminently suitable condition for being used without having to worry. Is it to be your race support vehicle?

Frank T

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: LouK on 02 December, 2015, 05:49:57 PM
Jason very much likes the SJ but is a little worried about the Unkown as with anything new.  Also the question "why" has been muttered on more than one occasion.  I'm into vintage cycling, regularly taking part in events for vintage (pre 1983 bikes) in Italy and the UK so having a period van to carry my bikes (and now Jason's as I've bought him one too) will be a wonderful luxury.  I also race a modern carbon fibre so can see the van being used lots there too - that would be cool.  A period "cutting edge" van housing a tricked up modern bike!

Also taking the van to Lancia events and classic car shows will be on the cars - he's so unique I'm sure he will be appreciated.  Just means Jason and I will have to travel separately so we can ensure the other cars get some fun. 

I can see him being used for race support perhaps if we ever get another Goodwood Revival invite or indeed using him to get down there and park in the Classic car parking.  I guess for me the uses are limitless providing we have reliability.

Ha ha Stanley - I've already mentioned to Dikappa that we should create a club - it will have to be a European wide so I get some company!  Also very keen to learn lots and hear people's experiences.  Ade, that includes you!

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: Dikappa on 02 December, 2015, 07:30:30 PM
Hi Louise, nice it arrived!

I have a 'workshop' manual here and a parts book that I could run through the scanner if that would be of help.  I also have one brake booster which I will not be using and an original overhaul kit for the master that I will not be using since mine is missing the master cylinder completely.

I do'nt think the braking system is any mor complex thent the flavia/flaminia system, there's just a bit more of everything.

As Ade already mentionned wheel bearings are a weak point (not the bearings themselves but the way thay have to be set up on the original car)
I re-dedigned the front set up using iveco daily front bearings (still exactly the same outer diameter, so there's the connection!), but that is a costly affair requiring some machining and fabrication of new parts (although all still reversible if needed/wished for) so I would advice checking play on all four wheels and if OK-->leave alone!
As I said they will fail when not pre-loaded correctly (which is not easy to obtain in the original setup), but if setup right I feel they will be quite up to the job.

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: DavidLaver on 03 December, 2015, 01:53:30 PM

UK Super Jolly Club?   Make that a FAN club and I'm in!!!

I am SO pleased for you.  I'm so pleased for ME as my chances of seeing one have risen dramatically.

As a thought to amuse: with bearings I'm not sure if the lack of load is a help (what weight will it carry?) or Lou at the wheel a problem...  Then again I doubt a "period van driver" would have been any easier on it.

If the issue is setup not design then that's a reassurance, and the Super Jolly Club already has the Mk1 Work Round sorted.

So - does it/he/she have a name yet?

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: DavidLaver on 03 December, 2015, 01:55:23 PM

Anyone got a wax tip for the paint?

A friend who runs a museum swears by this stuff:

I expect there are much better products for cars...anyone got "rat rod" experiance?

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: Sliding Pillar on 05 December, 2015, 03:20:30 PM
Perhaps this thread and the other one  should be moved and combined under the Lancia Commercials heading.

These are a couple of articles about the Superjolly, the first is from the Winter 1987 LMC Journal (No 80) and the next is about the gathering we had not long after Fulvia 25 from the Winter 1988 LMC Journal (No 83)

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: Sliding Pillar on 05 December, 2015, 03:35:06 PM
Reading the last sentence of the  'Not the Fulvia 25' article again, perhaps the time has come,
'Superjolly 53' in 2016 anyone?

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: LouK on 11 December, 2015, 07:34:27 PM
Wow Ade - brilliant!  Thank you so much.  I've learnt a huge amount in those two articles.  Amazing to see how much is borrowed from other cars - really helps. Am interested in your thoughts on performance and living with your "truck".  We're a little way off (but hopefully not a massive way) driving the van so hearing your experiences will be great.

We have made some small progress. Wiper arms are fitted and we're getting the blades (going for unequal lengths) and Jason has changed a water pipe or two along with getting the horn working and other minor issues/tidying up.  Trying to get as much done for the MOT as possible.  Biggest items for "the mechanic" is the brakes and both outer front gaiters - we have them thanks to Omicron so they need to be fitted.  Van will probably go over to him in the New Year and in the meantime I'm going to tackle some of the bright work.

Still need to get new glass or replacement door mirrors.  The mirror itself looks similar to that on Fiat 238 and 900T vans but the door mirror arm is different. Inevitably, the arm and mirror won't come apart or I'd simply get a pair of mirrors - plenty in Italy.  Or I could get some glass but need the rubber surround.  It's the small things that take the time...

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: simonandjuliet on 11 December, 2015, 09:27:53 PM
It's the small things that take the time...

So true ........

Love the van , looking forward to her/his travels

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: LouK on 29 January, 2016, 07:36:02 AM
A short update re Gino the Super Jolly. Sadly he was outside under an awning for the Christmas period and his little smile was fading.

But excellent news that Jason delivered him to Jim on Tuesday and the initial assessments are being made.  Ball joints, shock absorbers, brake calipers repairs are among the initial work but we know there will be plenty more.  And thanks to my new best friend Dikappa, we now have a copy of a full parts manual so life may be a little easier.  Thank you so much!!

If anyone is on Facebook, I've created a page for Gino called "The Journeys of Gino".

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: LouK on 14 May, 2016, 08:12:58 AM
Argh - tried to post a reply but lost it so I'll try again.  Gino is home!  UK debut was at the Auto Italia Brooklands day a couple of weeks ago and we'll take him to the Merrist Wood Show in Guildford tomorrow.  He was surround by intrigued and interested people at Brooklands and thank heavens I took some laminated info sheets.  It was so great to see Gino's smiling face peering from the people surrounding him and fantastic to be showing off him and the Lancia brand.

Initial driving impressions:  well, he drives like a van!  Strong, torquey engine and he's surprisingly nippy around town.  Did get him to 60mph on the dual carriageway but he's noisy over 3k revs so until we're confident with him we're taking it easy.  Brakes great, clutch light and gear change lovely.  The only issue is the steering which needs so much steering input I feel like I'm in a US movie!  All ball joints, suspension, has been changed so it must be play in the steering box although I've been warned that this could be just how he drives.  Better get used to it!

He's huge!  We've since installed a rear view mirror but driving him the first time I had to look over my shoulder and seeing a mile of van behind you is quite scary!  However also perfect as we've installed a bike rack under the second row of seats, so we can remove the seats and transport our vintage bikes.  We've also done a fair bit of other fettling - heater refurbished, various wiring matters, I found and installed some new rear light surrounds etc.  Also working out how to install a coffee machine for our Surrey Lancia mates :-)

Thanks so much to Keith and Jim at Autointegrale for sorting out the oily bits and MOT and to my wonderful Jason for sourcing all the bits (from all over the globe) and continuing to work on him.  I'll post photos if I can on another post.

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: nthomas1 on 14 May, 2016, 08:02:48 PM
I love the vehicle!
I was just browsing some foreign Lancia club websites and saw that the French site - - lists the following four documents for the Super Jolly:

Istruzioni per le riparazioni
 - Environ 200 pages, texte italien, croquis et photos, (1) edition 1967
Catalogo parti di ricambio
- Environ 300 pages, texte italien, croquis et photos, (1) edition 1967
Uso e manutenzione
- Environ 22 pages, texte italien, croquis et photos, (1) edition 1967
Catalogue publicitaire

My French is not very good but I think the website says they can be purchased as photocopied sheets.

Title: Re: Super Jolly
Post by: on 14 May, 2016, 08:29:40 PM
Brilliant Lou, thank goodness you stepped in to rescue him!!!!

I am looking forward to a meeting in the flesh ... goodness knows when that will be .... I just hope it is this summer.