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Title: Local Meetings and the Website ...
Post by: sparehead3 on 17 July, 2015, 11:29:25 AM
Hi All,

A note to all local meeting attendees and co-ordinators ...

On the website, - this page shows the world all our local meetings and the date when the next meeting is due.

If the details on the website are out of date or missing then please email and we'll change the website AND also send in the update for VL! ( you'll notice from last month's VL! it's all synchronised )

If you can supply the postcode for the meeting then the website will include a Google Maps link.

If you have a Forum Topic for your meeting ( in this section of the forum ) then this can be included on the website page ( please email if this is missing or wrong ) - which means your local members can go straight to the forum and see what is happening. It also means you can update your forum topic with any last minute changes.

This local events section is a public part of the forum so up to date information ( should ) be picked up by search engines so it is worth having it up to date.

Title: Re: Local Meetings and the Website ...
Post by: Neil on 17 July, 2015, 12:25:56 PM
A useful link, please note the Surrey meeting is due to relocate from August.