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Title: 165x65x14 Dunlop Sp Radials- Generator Warning light
Post by: fay66 on 07 March, 2015, 12:49:47 AM
I last took "Fay" for a run a couple of weeks ago and had intended taking her out this afternoon.
however when I unlocked the garage an unzipped the front of the airchamber, she was sitting at an odd angle, fortunately I'd backed her into the airchamber so it was easy to get at the offside front tyre that was exceedingly flat at the bottom! I put the trolley jack uder the stabaliser bar mounting and took the pressure off the tyre then partiallly inflated it with my tyre compessor.
After driving outside the garage I finished blowing up the tyre, I could find no sign of any foreign object, but it went down quite quickly so I put on the spare, however I did notice a slight bulge near the top of the sidewall, so I'm looking for a 165x65x14 R Dunlop SP, anyone know where I can obtain 1/2? at a reasonable cost?

When I 'd finished with the compessor I un-plugged it but realised that the generator light didn't come on, I knew the generator was charging OK as when I revved the engine the compressor speeded up at the same time.
Thinking it might be a fuse I removed the centre panel and the fuse box cover and found a fuse blown, after replacing the fuse I tried the ignition switch again but still no light so I'm assuming it's probably the bulb in the dash, which didn't please me a lot as it's a pigging job as you have to more or less dismantle half the dash to remove the cluster :o
Has anyone got any thoughts on this before I pitch in to stripping the dash out ???

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Title: Re: 165x65x14 Dunlop Sp Radials- Generator Warning light
Post by: chriswgawne on 07 March, 2015, 06:52:14 AM
All part of the pain and the pleasure Brian. The size of my hands (palms, not fingers) make any job like that a bit of a problem.
As to your tyre problem, (and I know you know this) be very aware of the age of ones tyres, particularly if one has been badly distorted for a while. I cant remember what the official age a tyre is lifed to but when one doesn't do many miles in a car, it can be a shock to see how old a slightly worn tyre can actually be!
Good luck with the bulb but maybe put a meter on the feed to the bulb first to see if that is getting 12v?