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Title: Fulvia, Fulvia Zagato and Integrale parts on eBay and off eBay
Post by: westernlancia on 02 February, 2015, 10:27:47 PM
Hello folks - sorry I have been so quiet for so long, but I am in the throes of (hopefully the last bit of) my move to France. As part of the shed-sorting and 'life laundry' process, I am putting most of the non-Appia Lancia stuff I have up for sale (and some other stuff which I am sure wouldn't interest you).

A link to one of the items is here - if you want to see other stuff, just click on 'see my other items':

It's mostly Fulvia, Fulvia Zagato and Integrale stuff, but I also have an awful lot of accessories, and a really huge brochure collection, so if that kind of thing floats your boat, please email me. The best email to get me on is alan.wesson (at), as the westernlancia website will be shutting down in a few days and so there won't be a contact button on it and the mailbox will cease to exist.

As it is an eBay free listing day I am trying to list as much as I can, but time is running out on me. In any case, as I utterly detest eBay, I am as ever happy to do people a better deal if they buy stuff privately rather than through them. My eBay ID used to be sidevalve_it, as those of you who have bought stuff from me before will know, but I recently changed it to nos-mib-vintage, which makes more sense, as I collect NOS and MIB vintage parts (for those of you who don't know what NOS and MIB mean, they stand for New Old Stock and Mint In Box respectively - i.e. mint condition unused original period parts and accessories).

I'm also posting this message in the 'General Chat' section, as that seems to be the most frequented. However, I am not sure that's the real function of that bit, so I am posting here as well and if the other one needs to be deleted this one can stand.