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Title: Lybra SW 2.4JTd
Post by: stuwilson128 on 18 July, 2014, 10:11:51 PM
Very reluctantly I am considering selling my Lybra SW. It is quite well known in the LMC having been at many events since I bought it in 2004, including Coventry Garden and the Turin Centenary Celebrations.

The car itself was built in 2000 and was first registered in Germany before coming to the UK when it's previous owner returned to the UK from his overseas posting with the RAF. It is the 2.4 JTd (134bhp) version. It has about 300,000km on the clock. The overall condition of the car does reflect its age and mileage.

The car is green with beige alcantara. There interior is in superb condition and there are no holes on the drivers seat. It has a 6-cd multi-changer and Bose sound system. It has a tow bar, though I had the ball removed as I felt it detracted from the lines of the car.

I took it off the road 18 months ago when a rear wishbone bush needed replaced. Unfortunately a lack of time and funds (and a wedding!) have prevented this from being done. I do have a new bush for the car. Inevitably, a lack of movement for so long means that the car is now a non-runner and will need recommissioning in order to be put back on the road. As I am trying to sell my house with the intention of moving, I don't have the time or money to do it within the necessary timescale.

It is a difficult car to value as Lybras don't tend to come up for sale in the UK, especially with a UK registration. I have looked on and and prices for similar cars are around the 1000 mark. Considering that some work will be required to put it back on the road, 600 is a reasonable price to ask.

I will try to post some photos soon, but for more information, please send me a private message via the forum.