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Title: Carb Confusion - Appias
Post by: simonandjuliet on 31 May, 2014, 11:20:39 AM

Carb confusion

I have posted this on the Appia pages as well, but maybe other "Solex" users may be able to advise !

I have 3 carbs, 2 cars and a few questions

Marked on the top they are Solex 5, 6 and 7

5 is a C32 PBIC (#224465) - new
6 is a C32 PBIC (#482085) - off the 3rd ser Appia
7 is a C32 BIC  (#17KZ)  - new , destined for the Appia furgoncino.

The questions/problems are numerous :

The new carbs (5&7) have a pipe inlet and not a banjo and filter
The old carb (6) appears to have the main jet broken off in the centre of the choke tube - how did it run ?
Carb 5 appears not to have a central main jet
They all seem to have a different array of mixer(?) tubes - one has a wide bore tube and hockey stick (6) one has a hockey stick (5) and one has neither (7)

I think I can make a good carb for the furgoncino - the top from the old carb 6 on new base of 7, so I get a standard looking set up

I am less worried about the "look" for the 3rd series, especially since I have added the electric pump and filter-king, so put the base from 6 with the top of 5 or 7 but with the broken main jet.

Or use carb 5 - but there appears to be no main jet

PS the carbs are numbered (R to L ) : 5,6,7

If anyone has got any comments or bits to help me out, I would appreciate it !