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Title: Lancia Y headlights
Post by: chris_lancia on 04 June, 2007, 06:47:58 PM

Hi folks,

just wondering if any of you would know where to get front lights for the Lancia Y (1999)? Any help is much appreciated.


chris Holscher

Title: Re: Lancia Y headlights
Post by: fay66 on 04 June, 2007, 07:27:36 PM
Hi Chris,
If you're looking for right hand drive, don't bother as they have never been available ::), if your looking for LHD go to & select Worldwide, rather than europe in the location box on the left handside, don't know why, but if you put in europe it doesn't pick up Germany & a lot of the Italian bits for sale.

Have seen headlamps for sale before now, usually from motor factors in Germany.

Brian Hilton
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Title: Re: Lancia Y headlights
Post by: lee69 on 04 June, 2007, 09:38:10 PM
Hi all

Brian's correct - ebay is your best bet.  I've been looking for myself as one of mine is badly scratched.  They're currently about 60 from Germany, for example have a look at item number 220069015155.  Mine runs with black gaffer tape blanking out the right throw.  I've experinced differing views from different MOT inspectors - the first did a light test and didn't even notice  ???, the next one did notice the lights and was happy to allow taped out blanks.  He even cut out the correct shapes for me to get it through.

Which model do you have by the way Chris?


Title: Re: Lancia Y headlights
Post by: chris_lancia on 05 June, 2007, 06:53:26 PM

Thanks Lee and Brian,
thanks for all the advice. My model is from 1999, 1.2 engine. It runs really well, so I don't want to give it away just because the MOT won't pass it because of the lights. Good that you mention your MOT experience, I will have to try at a different place. The annoying thing is that I am in northern Ireland, and they are very strict. You can't just go to a garage, you have to go to an official testing site. Must have something to do with the sectarian problems here. I will try an MOT place in England, they seem to be much more reasonable.  

thanks again, I will let you know how I got on...  :)