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Title: Factory finishes .... Appia furgoncino
Post by: simonandjuliet on 14 August, 2013, 09:18:17 AM
As with most of us who are restoring our "pride of joy" , I am trying to reproduce the "just left the factory" finish. (For example I have not sanded out the paint runs in the engine bay)

To that end I would like to know just how good would the finish have been on my Appia furgoncino ? Would every panel be absolutely perfect ?

Having taken off the recent layers of paint and filler, we are back to a very sound and undented original, with its coat of light green primer. There is evidence of lead loading over some of the panel joints, however there is nothing but primer and paint over the myriad of welded panel joins.

Would it have been possible to detect these joins on an original car ?? Would there have been the odd ripple ??

Were the commercials finished to a lower standard than the cars .......?

All comments appreciated, thanks !