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Title: Targa photo
Post by: Richard Fridd on 20 December, 2012, 03:57:48 PM

Title: Re: Targa photo
Post by: GG on 21 December, 2012, 03:22:00 AM
its actually called "pushing the car across the finish line".

Title: Re: Targa photo
Post by: Zetaman on 08 January, 2013, 01:18:16 PM
This is almost certainly Felice Bonetto at the end of the 1952 Targo Florio, an 8-lap circuit in Sicily on the 29th June.  He did run out of petrol on the last straight and had to coast and push to cross the line.  I have another photo of this car I found on the web at (http://B20-1510-tf_1952_034_lancia-(29).jpg)

I feel there is an unexplained aspect of this car.  The car registered AN-16960 was B20-1510 and was in the hands of Luigi Faglioli and was a light colour, said to be grey.  There are quite a number of photos of this car including some superb ones of it brand new.
Faglioli crashed it very badly in practice at Monte Carlo on the 1st June 1952 and died on the 18th June of his injuries.  Here is a much published photo of the crashed car (http://B20-1510a-Monte-Carlo-1952-Faglioli.jpg)
The strange thing is that by the 15th June at Le Mans and whilst Faglioli was mortally injured, a dark coloured car #39 was competing with the registration AN-16960 and appears to be the same car #34 in the Targa Florio on the 29th June, although interpreting colour in a black and white photo can be deceptive.  I find it hard to believe that the Monte Carlo car was fit for purpose and resprayed in 2 weeks, but of course it could have been.  Bonetto was the driver on these 2 later occasions.  Of these 7 da Corsa cars, 3 are recorded in dark colours - 1505 was blue, 1506 was crimson and Bonetto's 1507 was green and registered 186992-MI.  Could Faglioli have been entered for Le Mans but with his car out of action Bonetto's car was used with Faglioli's regsitration?  Quite possible from what one gathers about this period.  Another piece of evidence is the Lancia & C. memo published in Rosani's book on the D24 on pages 38-39 which states that B20-1510 was destroyed at Monte Carlo, so I believe my doubts are justified.  Paul Mayo

Title: Re: Targa photo
Post by: duelitriemezzo on 09 January, 2013, 12:28:39 PM
I remember that Ferrucio Barnabo was talking about this in his book Lancia Aurelia dalla Giorgio NADA p101

Title: Re: Targa photo
Post by: Richard Fridd on 10 January, 2013, 05:28:52 PM
From Michael Clarke, two photos