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Title: 1972 Fulvia 1.6HF Lusso
Post by: gustosomerset on 04 October, 2012, 10:10:55 AM
£18,000 ono. New MOT, tax exempt. Brief history:

I bought the car in 2006 and it came with a very comprehensive file of documentation that show that the car was manufactured in November 1972 and sold direct to a Mr D J Kotze of the University of Cape Town at a price of 2,466,000 lire.  The car was shipped from Lancia Turin on the 8th February 1973 to South Africa where it was first registered as CA 2-1973-0.

Being built for the South African market, the car is relatively unusual in that it is right-hand drive but with the original headlights (i.e. no ‘eyebrows’). It’s equally unusual in that it seems to have suffered from rust very little - having spent almost all of its life in a warm climate...

By September 1990 it had done 67,000km and was sold to Dr Michael J Coucher, of Cape Town, father of Robert Coucher, now editor of Octane Magazine.

In September 2001 it was advertised in Classic Car at a price of £12,000 in a used car article written Robert Coucher. His article concludes that it was: ‘...probably the best Fulvia HF in the world and a real blast to drive’.

Having seen the advert, the car was bought in October 2001 by a private collector in Guernsey who shipped it to the island where it was stored in a climate controlled garage along with a number of other classics but never registered for road use. In August 2006 I bought it from a dealer on the island who was selling the collection on behalf of the owner...

The car was eventually registered on a 1972 UK plate, thanks to the very generous help of Barbara Longlands at the Club who verified the date of manufacture to the satisfaction of the DVLA. I contacted Robert Coucher (via John Simister, until recently the owner of an HF of similar vintage) and he was delighted to hear that his father’s car was still on the road. He even remembered racing it at one point in some sort of road race in Cape Town.

Since acquiring it I've spent an absurd amount of money with Omicron...with bills of around £12k - mainly on engine, brakes, seats, etc... Too much to list here. Email me for more info on

Title: Re: 1972 Fulvia 1.6HF Lusso
Post by: gustosomerset on 14 October, 2012, 07:48:58 PM
Now sold.