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Title: Registering with the LMC Forum
Post by: Rodders on 12 March, 2007, 01:00:49 PM
From 1 October 2007 this forum, in line with many other motor club forums, will observe a 'members only' policy with regard to posting items.  The forum is provided as a benefit to LMC members and the running costs are borne entirely by the club.  Whilst we will continue to allow non-members to view the public sections of the forum we are sure non-members will understand that our planned expansion to include a picture gallery and technical wiki section means we can no longer provide a 'free' service to all Lancia-loving visitors.  If you would like to become a member of the LMC and enjoy full and unrestricted access to the whole of our forum please visit our parent site at ( and join the LMC on line.

Title: Re: Registering with the LMC Forum - Registration screen disabled
Post by: Thotos on 02 May, 2013, 01:55:15 PM
The registration screen for this forum has been disabled. There are too many attempted registrations by spammers and as registration at this forum is for LMC members only, there's no point in having a public registration screen.

So if you are a member and wish to register on this forum, please send an email ( forum registration request) quoting your membership number and your preferred forum username and you'll be registered by the forum administrators. You'll be able to set your own password once you access the forum for the first time. If you cannot remember or find your LMC membership number just quote your full name and postal address and we'll find your details in our records.