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Title: LED Indicator Side Repeaters
Post by: neil-yaj396 on 07 May, 2012, 12:48:12 PM
Subject to my annual struggle to get these working for the MOT I decided that an experiment was called for. I ordered some pre wired LED bulbs from Hong Kong. They seemed a bit steep at 1.99, but of course when they arrived that was for ten!

The only initial flaw in my plan was that the wires on the bulbs are very thin, necessitating soldering on the smallest spade terminals that I could find. These enabled me to connect the bulbs to some new looms that I'd made up. The tiny connections were then protected with electrical tape and some plastic ducting. The latter also holds the bulb in place when it is pushed into the lens, although if your original rubber cover is still intact this would probably be better.

It all works pretty well on first fit. The LED's are much brighter than the old bulbs, but they are a bit 'directional'. Only time will tell if this is a durable fix. Pictures of the process are attached. I'm happy to post out LEDs to any members that want to give it a try (I have 18!).

I don't know if any earlier models (Flavia/Fulvia?) suffer from this difficulty, but this fix would work for anything that uses those fiddly small bulb holders.