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Title: Does anyone know where my old Y10 GTie is??????????
Post by: rockets on 18 February, 2012, 01:11:11 PM
Hey everyone...I'm trying to find if my old Y10 GTie still exists or what happened to it. I owned it from 1993 to early 2001. Its registration was G851 YAN. A Rosso Corsa model. VIN/Chassis no. ZAA1560005051660. Engine no. 2958365. First registered 29th September 1989.

I stupidly sold the car to Trevor Nicosia when the clutch gave up....a bit silly considering how much care I had given the car during my ownership.

All I can remember is that he sold the car onto a guy who I think lived somewhere along the south coast of England. The new owner got in touch with me after I sold it wanting to know its history!!! At the time I lived near Heathrow but have since moved back home to Northern Ireland.

The car had a few distinguishing features, namely, Lancia emblems at the bottom of the front wings and B pillars. Red inserts in the bumpers. Also I purchased 'Y10' badging from the last facelift of the Y10's and these were beside the front side indicator repeaters and on the passenger side dash. I may have still had a GTie badge from a Delta on the front grill as well at the time. In addition, the interior had an econometer gauge in place of the coin tray (not connected) and 'Alcantara' side panels by the rear seats (which I had got from a 'Touring') instead of black plastic. Lastly, there were walnut inserts from a Rover on the door cards and possibly above the glovebox.

All I have managed to find from the DVLA was that it was last taxed in either 04 or 06 (I can't remember which). The DVLA guy couldn't release more info other than to say that he didn't believe it to be scrapped but neither was it SORN!!!! Confusing to me!!!!!!??

If anyone knows anything about my old car please let me know....even if it has come to an unfortunate end!!!!!

I should never have gotten rid of it in the first place!!! It was in pretty good condition having been on the Lancia Motor Club stands at 3 Dublin and Vintage classic car shows in the 90's.

Many thanks
Stephen Irwin

Title: Re: Does anyone know where my old Y10 GTie is??????????
Post by: nyssa7 on 20 February, 2012, 05:50:10 PM
Hi Stephen
That had me thinking for a while, I recall selling a dark grey to a friend who lived in Bournemouth, and then arranging its sale again a few years later. I remember picking up your car, cost me a set of Ferrari pliers that I left on the trailer and realised a few miles later by which time they had fallen off
Have vague recollection that your red one might have gone to Bournemouth as well, the name Mike rings a bell, but can't remember if I heard from him again or not
Might still have some old emails archived on another PC, if I stumble across any more info I'll get back on here
Always worry at this kind of thread as I must have scrapped 30 Y10s in my time, but I know yours wasn't one of them  - phew!

Title: Re: Does anyone know where my old Y10 GTie is??????????
Post by: rockets on 22 February, 2012, 08:32:38 PM
Hey Trevor

Thanks for the post..It'd be great if you find anything. I doubt it's probably scrapped now but you never know, it could be stuck in a barn or corner of a farm yard!!! LOL. There was one a couple of weeks ago on ebay I was watching closely in Somerset. A burgundy GTie. I was so tempted, but just not in a position right now to get one if they came up. (Except of course if it was mine).  Might however in a few months time.

Title: Re: Does anyone know where my old Y10 GTie is??????????
Post by: HF_Dave on 27 February, 2012, 09:17:12 PM
hello Stephen, I remember you and your Y10 from years back. How have you been keeping. Sorry I don't have any news on your Y10 , You should keep in touch we are a very active club here in the south of ireland. Thanks. David Mirolo  :)