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Title: Kappa A/C probelm
Post by: Thotos on 30 June, 2011, 12:07:50 PM
A friend of a friend in Israel has a problem with the air conditioning in his Kappa Saloon (1995 LANCIA KAPPA 2.0CV 2000 cc Automatic PETROL - Engine: B3BA1.000 Version: 838 AA 11A). The problem apparently is that the A/C compressor clutch is permanently on so the A/C is permanently on. He's had the car checked and someone decided he needs a complete new A/C compressor but none are available in Israel so I've had a request via the mutual friend to see if I can source one in the UK! But I think the problem is more likely to be a faulty relay with fused contacts. So could any Kappa experts out there post a photo of where the A/C relay might be situated and what type of relay it is? And does anyone know what type of A/C compressor is fitted to the Kappas? I would think it's the same as the Fiat Coupe as they share the same engine. Apparently the part number is 7775422. Any help and/or advice will be much appreciated by me, my friend and his friend....  ;) ;D

Title: Re: Kappa A/C probelm
Post by: LanciAlan on 30 June, 2011, 12:25:22 PM
This might be a job that a wedge splurged could assist in - you could try "Omnicron"! Not a clue Theo but the Fiat application crossover should help.

Title: Re: Kappa A/C probelm
Post by: Richard Fridd on 30 June, 2011, 03:44:37 PM
to check if the electro -magnetic clutch is mechanically or electrically faulty disconnect the 12v supply from the clutch.could be relay or temp sensor or temp control if not a mechanical fault.i would have thought the clutch could be repaired/replaced independently of the compressor regards richard