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Title: Rebadged Chryslers
Post by: Lima on 31 January, 2011, 05:42:11 PM
As a follower of I was dismayed to see the new images of the Chrysler 200 (formerly the Sebring)... which will be rebadged as Lancia in mainland Europe and sold as the new 'Flavia' they believe.

And to make matters worse, I now read that the Chrysler 300 will be rebadged as a Lancia in mainland Europe and sold as the new 'Thesis'!

Please tell me this isnt true.  A dreary american car gets a quick makeover and then the Lancia bagde gets slapped on it.  From what I have read about the Sebring/ 200 and 300, it's not a great starting point... are they actively trying to kill off our beloved Lancia?  Seems so.  It pains me to say it but I'd rather Lancia stopped now than carried on like this.  If ever there was a case for Euthanasia, this is it!

Title: Re: Rebadged Chryslers
Post by: fensaddler on 31 January, 2011, 05:52:40 PM
See discussion elsewhere on the forum here:

Title: Re: Rebadged Chryslers
Post by: lancialulu on 31 January, 2011, 07:45:14 PM
Iterestingly I have just come back from France and was surprised that Chrysler are still full on TV advertising the Grand Voyager...


Title: Re: Rebadged Chryslers
Post by: fay66 on 09 February, 2011, 12:32:23 AM
Sergio Marchionne opens mouth before engaging brain and gets a slap for his trouble.
From Todays Daily Mail financial Section.

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Title: Re: Rebadged Chryslers
Post by: ncundy on 09 February, 2011, 12:57:07 AM
Well I suspect there is a bit more truth in this than meets the eye.

I was working for Daimler when they took over Chrysler and one of the problems they came up against was the investment rules of US pension funds (which tend as in many countries, to be the major share holders of national companies). They (Daimler) kept there headquarters in Germany but US rules (at the time - maybe now) dictated that for US pension funds to have a holding of above X the company they were investing in had to have their HQ based in the US. Daimler then had to create an HQ in the US! Otherwise the pension funds must withdraw their finance. I suspect that if FAG wish to increase and eventually take over Chrysler they face two funding problems:

  • where do they get the cash for the buy out from (probably selling or part selling Ferrari)
  • where do they put there HQ

An interesting spectator sport for the next couple of years :)