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Title: Replacing the heater Fan in a Thema
Post by: HF_Dave on 09 January, 2011, 10:26:41 PM
I decided to replace the heater fan in the Thema yesterday, a bitter cold day of course, I bought the fan motor a couple of years ago from Kavin Mc Bride and resisted attempting to fit it since, but the growling from behind the dash became unbearable. I removed the plastic air scoop under the bonnet beside the fan housing and you can see the fan blades in the hole. There dosent seem to be any way of removing the fan motor with out removing the complete unit. Anyway I removed the clips that hold the plastic unit together, it seems to be assembled in two halfs, I tried to pull back the plastic to look at the motor and this is where it went wrong or right depending how you look at it, the plastic snapped clean away due to the extreme cold, exposing the motor. The brake was perfectly clean I couldent have cut it clleaner.I removed the offending motor ,  replaced it and glued the plastic back using a black polyeurothane adhesive , re-assembled and it looks and works perfect. The whole job took less than an hour. Some fluke He!! ;D Does any one know what the sensor mounted on the rim of the hole where the fan is for, it has a plug attached but it's not connected on  my car. Thanks David. ???