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Title: Removing Flavia Trim
Post by: Angle Grinder on 15 October, 2009, 09:49:55 AM
Its taken several weeks (albeit doing just a few jobs at a time), but I have almost got to the stage where all the trim is removed from my Flavia coupe  ;D. There are now more parts of the car stored in my attic and under the stairs than there are on the car  :-\. Even the wood of the dashboard is out.

One item is proving stubborn and that is the stainless steel trim at the base of the windows on the doors. I followed some wise advice... took off the door cards, lowered the glass to below its normal bump stop and this gave me access to 4 screws. These screws were totally rusted in, but eventually started to turn after some hard tangential "taps / whacks" with a sharp flat edged screwdriver.

I felt a warm glow of satisfaction that I'd managed to remove all the trim screws without the need to destructively drill anything out.

Once I started to lift off the window trim I realised that a fifth screw must be lurking somewhere at the front of the door beneath the quarter light. Has anyone got any tips on how to access this screw? Can you get access from above by removing the quarter light frame, OR would I be best to just drill it out?

As I have been removing the trim on this Flavia, I have been finding a "Gooey" grey paste behind the trim. It serves some sort of function as an adhesive to hold the trim in place and I suppose it also prevents water ingress. It looks like old Isopon P38, but is smoother and more like plastecine in texture. Does anyone know what it is and what to use as a substitute when re-fixing the trim?