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Title: Top Gear test of Thema
Post by: lee69 on 14 July, 2009, 09:37:02 AM
This may be on here elsewhere, but a gem from the William Woollard era. I think it must be 1988-ish. Love Chris Goofey's Alfa "Looso".

Title: Re: Top Gear test of Thema
Post by: fay66 on 14 July, 2009, 10:14:29 AM
How nice to have an objective report on the three cars instead of what we now receive from the WHEY! HEY! set these days.

Nice bit of Herefordshire as well.

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Title: Re: Top Gear test of Thema
Post by: Lindsay on 21 July, 2009, 07:53:56 PM
Rubbish conclusion though. "I'll take the Saab", which happens to be 40% dearer than the Thema......   has crap lag and doesn't mate with the autobox well.

Personally I think the Thema has dated the least of the 3 of them. Never did understand the fuss over the 164s styling...

Title: Re: Top Gear test of Thema
Post by: toby2449 on 21 July, 2009, 08:58:47 PM

now i'd have to say that whilst i'd have a Thema over a 9000 anyday, the 164 was (personally) in a class of its own. I owned one for about 2 years even being 15 years old by the time i owned her, she was stunningly gorgeous & absolutley fantastic to drive. At the time i owned her i was driving 80 miles to work, & i'd take her every so often. I never tired of driving the 164 & to this day i regret selling her, I know who owns her now & i quite literally have to stop myself from buying the 164 back.

BTW love classic Top Gear!! ;D

Title: Re: Top Gear test of Thema
Post by: Paul Greenway on 24 July, 2009, 02:55:18 PM

Its funny how time changes things. Back in '85 when first introduced of the type four cars I would have said that in looks the Alfa was prettiest, Saab (then as a hatchback) next, the Thema next and then the Croma. The problem with the latter 2 is they are big cars but the wheels (14") were far too small. This did not detract from their performance however, and personally I would have gone for the Thema first anyway. As each car evolved, the Alfa did not change much, the Saab gained a cut'n'shut boot or a horrid new hatch, the Croma arguably became nicer with its pointed nose, but the Thema became much more graceful. Indeed if you were to put the four '94 model versions together, the Thema is most definately the smartest, appears the most executive and expensive.
From the Top Gear snip, I would never take much notice anyway, if you had 20K to spend on an executive car in '89 you would pick the Alfa or Lancia, if you had 26K you would have gone for a BMW 530i, Merc 300E or if smart a Thema & bought your wife a Delta 1300, but never a Saab 9000 saloon.

Paul Greenway.