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Title: Beta 4 into1 Ceramic Plasma Coated Manifold + Shocks for Sale
Post by: fay66 on 21 February, 2009, 01:29:04 AM
Listing on behalf of a friend in Holland.

Beta 4 into 1 Ceramic Plasma coated Exhaust Manifold, Made by "Hooker Headers" in the USA & no longer available.
Made of mild steel with equal length pipes, crack tested, grit blasted followed by indestructible white ceramic plasma coating. applied by friends at KLM jet engine rebuild shop, the material used, is normally used for jet engine burner cans!  Primaries 57cm length. 37mm outer Diameter. Secondaries 43cm length and 48mm outer diameter, Main Tube 55mm Diameter. 180.

2 x New Koni insert Front struts ready to fit, Beta Saloon & Trevi type ( non top adjust) no longer available for . 100 Each.

2 x  New Rear KYB Shock inserts for Beta Spider/Coupe.  45 each.

Contact myself here for further information, or the seller direct @.

8227 8)