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Title: Delta Turbo HF i.e. - be quick!
Post by: Jai Sharma on 01 September, 2008, 08:59:35 PM
A friend has a Delta HF Turbo i.e. I don't think the car is bad at all, he paid about 1000 for it a year or so ago, with a years MOT. It had been repainted and "restored". However he is a bit of a perfectionist and took some bits of interior out (he still has them all), and also felt that the brakes were spongy because of a problem in the master cylinder or servo area (I can't remember which). He then lost interest.

The car still looks pretty presentable with just very small spots of bubbling here and there. I think it could be made to be nice with not much effort, but he wants to move on. I think he feels that if it would scrap for 200 then any improvement on that would be a help for him and also give the buyer a good deal. If it doesn't sell in a couple of weeks he is likely to scrap it as he wants the space.

David is near Brentwood in Essex and on 01277 214518 or email on David.Sayer@FAST4.Net