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Title: Morris Parry
Post by: rogerelias on 05 January, 2022, 07:08:37 PM
Hello all , Roger has kindly loaned me his login detail as at the moment i am not on the forum
It's with great sadness that my father Morris Parry  passed away new years day peacefully at home .
Many of you will know him for his passion for astura and augusta@ but pretty much anything Lancia
He had battled cancer for 2 years but deteriorated rapidly in December.
To say that me and mum are devastated is a huge understatement , words cannot describe our pain ,we are both completely Lost and broken .
As many of you are aware me and my dad had an exceptional relationship , he taught me so much and was the best father anyone could wish for .
Being so close I guess makes the pain I feel so much worse , would I change the hurt that I'm feeling now for a lesser relationship ? Not a chance!
I will always cherish the time we had together and the fantastic memories that we have made .
As hard as it has been, it was an absolute honour to care for my dad with my mum , even though it's hard to stomach and as upsetting as his death is , atleast he is suffering no more .
We cannot thank the district nurses and care workers Enough who helped us through the last few days of his life , their care and compassion was exceptional .
In honour of my father can we ask that no flowers are given, we have set  up a donation page  to give to the district nurses to buy equipment or something in my dad's memory .anyone who would like to donate the link will be at the bottom of this post.
Due to the amount of people who want to attend his funeral , and because of covid we have decided on a private service for just immediate family , this way we hope that nobody gets offended for not being invited , we hope you understand .
My Tribute to him is hopefully to use his astura for the funeral , I cannot think of anything more "him " than that car

thankyou all for reading and i'm sure you will agree that its a huge loss to the Lancia community , James

Title: Re: Morris Parry
Post by: JohnMillham on 06 January, 2022, 08:59:16 AM
We are all very sad to hear this news, James. Condolences to you and your Mum. Morris will be missed by all who knew him, but the Augusta owners in particular. RIP

Title: Re: Morris Parry
Post by: Mikenoangelo on 06 January, 2022, 09:55:21 AM
James - I'm so sorry to hear of you Dad's passing.

I never met Morris but after I decided to buy an Augusta in 2018, he was really helpful to me when sorting through the cars which were available here and in Italy.
Over the last 3 years while I worked on the car the task would have been far more difficult without his guidance and the excellent Augusta Newsetter which he started and edited. He was undoubtedly a key man in Augusta circles and to me a friend with whom I had many usually rather long but always fruitful phone converations.

My thoughts are with you and your Mum.

Mike Clark

Title: Re: Morris Parry
Post by: DavidLaver on 06 January, 2022, 10:55:47 AM

He'll have those pearly gates rehung and swinging all the sweeter by the weekend.

Title: Re: Morris Parry
Post by: Charles on 07 January, 2022, 10:58:20 AM
This is very sad - condolences.  I didn't know Morris but I once contacted him because I needed a part for my Augusta and wondered if he could supply it. Two days later a parcel arrived with the part in it and when I asked about price he would hear none of it.  He also sent me copies of the wonderful Newsletters that he used to produce which were both fascinating and useful - particularly when I converted my dynamo to 12 volts recently. Clearly he was a great guy with a great passion for Lancias of that period.  My Augusta runs better because of him and I shall not forget him.

Title: Re: Morris Parry
Post by: Dilambdaman on 10 January, 2022, 02:51:18 PM
Sad sad news, a huge loss to so many of the Lancia fraternity. It's not an exaggeration to say that my Dilambda would not have got to Turin in 2006, nor be the car it is today without Morris' input. Indeed, he was instrumental in locating the very body it carries.

R.I.P dear friend.

Margaret and I send sincere condolences to Carole, James and the family.