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Title: Flaminia Pininfarina Cars - Pininfarina Number
Post by: Zetaman on 23 August, 2021, 11:32:14 PM
Following my interest in finding the Pininfarina numbers on Aurelias (more please!), does anyone know where to find the number on the Flaminia PF Coupes?
On the Touring cars there is a separate Coachbuilder's plate, as there is for the Pininfarina Flavias and 2000s (flat-four ones that is).

On Aurelias the number is stamped into or near to the boot floor.  On a 4th to 6th Series B20 it is just ahead of the boot lid catch, but usually requires scraping away mastic and paint to find it.

Pininfarina destroyed all the records not so long ago, but there are people putting these numbers together from extant cars especially for Ferraris, Cisitalias, Alfa Romeos, even Nashes.  I'd like to add Lancia PF numbers if I can get them.

Paul Mayo