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Title: Fulvia spares
Post by: Jai Sharma on 03 May, 2008, 04:09:26 PM
Hi everyone,

This is an updated list of the Fulvia spares I have for sale. Please let me know if you need any of them
Mounts for Engine & gearbox & subframe
Sundry new gearbox parts


Bumper rear 1.6 HF 2 brackets bad, 2 good
Bumper 1.3 rear
Bumper front
Headlight pods
Headlight outer chrome trims
Box of locks for doors/boot
Rear lights
Rear reflectors
Various subframe brackets


Brake master cylinder bodies and reservoir
Brake pads front (New Bendix OE)
Old rear callipers
Rear plates for the handbrake shoes to mount on
Brake servo
3 New handbrake shoes

Gear selector shaft

1,3 Crankshaft needs regrinding
Cams secondhand and one pair brand new

Starter motor (needs rebuild)

Pedal box

Anti-roll bars f & r

Indicator stalks and wiper stalks and headlight stalks

1.6 HF speedometer, oil, fuel & water temp gauge

Pedal mat
Boot floor mat (1.6)
Door cappings
Internal door handles

Glovebox lid
Chrome trim
Map pockets
Trim behind map pocket
Sun visors
Steering wheel cowling
Window raising mechanisms

Rear axle (bare)

1 x 1600 conrod

4x cylinder liners for 1.6 HF

Glass rear window, side windows, quarterlights

Tons of the small fiddly bits!
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