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Title: Rule of 9
Post by: Crag on 24 November, 2020, 02:57:44 PM
This is either a very intelligent or a very silly question - but does the Rule of 9 still work for the V4 engine of the Fulvia when youíre adjusting the valve clearances? Perhaps the two camshafts make a difference? Or is there a better way...I have to say that Iím struggling as this is this first car Iíve owned which doesnít come with a starting handle to turn the engine over!

Title: Re: Rule of 9
Post by: nistri on 24 November, 2020, 03:25:36 PM
The rule of 9 does not apply to V4 engines. If you raise with a jack just one wheel and engage top gear, turning that wheel by hand will turn the engine. Even easier if you also remove the sparkplugs. Valve gaps are usually adjusted  "back of cam", thus turn the engine and see which valve is against the round (flattish) area of each cam lobe. Use a flash light to see clearly. Adjustement is then straightforward. Engime must be cold (at least 3 h from switchoff), Andrea

Title: Re: Rule of 9
Post by: lancialulu on 24 November, 2020, 03:30:14 PM
I look to see the heel of the rocker is on the bottom of the cam lobe and then adjust the tappet. You can do 2 valves (1 in 1 ex) at a time, then you crank onto the next pair. Spark plugs out and 24mm spanner on front pulley nut. You would be wise to check for "mushrooming" of the valve stem tip as you will not get an accurate setting with a feeler gauge if there is a dip. Normally only seen in high mileage engines but I have seen it in substandard after market valves in a very short mileage. If this is the case a short term fix is to use the 1mm thread of the tappet to set the gap. Wind in and back off 1/5 turn for .2mm.

Title: Re: Rule of 9
Post by: Crag on 25 November, 2020, 09:33:34 AM
Marvellous! Thank you gentlemen; youíre like having my very own online Fulvia User Manual open on the bonnet...I donít suppose that you go by the name of Alexa or Siri?...but could one of you please pass me the feeler gauge. Thanks again.