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Title: The Fulvia Sport and the Fire Stick.
Post by: GT on 10 May, 2020, 04:37:16 PM
It was on one of my daily pandemic walks that I came across my first 'Barn find'. Range Rovers are not my forte. I consulted my knowledgeable Porsche owning oracle friend. Late 70's he advised, 3 door and a 4 pronger (steering wheel), could be worth a bit. Not in the state I saw it, I said. Have a look at 'Harry's Garage' he said. Can't be our beloved Harry from Heath End, I thought.
Sure enough this Harry seems very knowledgeable as he launched Evo Magazine. The purpose of this topic is that he owns a Fulvia Sport which is given the rolling road along with a precautionary firestick, not used. The best sounding car in the garage!