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Title: Turning new brake shoe linings
Post by: impaw on 06 April, 2020, 08:46:35 AM

I have riveted new linings to the brake shoes and was wondering what the options are, to have them turned?
Paul Mayos excellent workshop manual mentions a Lancia tool, 80530290.
Does anybody have access to this and would consider renting it out?

Or should I have a chat with a local brake shop?🤔

...or are there other options?

Title: Re: Turning new brake shoe linings
Post by: chriswgawne on 06 April, 2020, 10:43:28 AM
I have usually specified the length, width AND thickness of the brake shoe material and also the I/d diameter of the brake drum to the supplier whether they or I are riveting AND gluing the linings to the shoes. Depending on the I/d  of the brake drums,  I tend to go slightly thicker than the original Lancia spec so that the linings have a reasonable life until you run out of adjustment.
The single leading shoes effectively bed themselves in as there is no adjustment for centering the shoes whereas the twin leading shoes have the normal eccentric 'snail shell' adjustment and also eccentric shoe pivots to get the linings on the same centre as the drum and also an adjustment for getting the lining parallel to the face of the drum. To do these last two adjustments properly you need to make up a guide which bolts to the hub and which rotates showing clearance to the brake shoes. A bit difficult to explain but I cant post a photo as mine is in Italy.
It sounds much more complicated than it is but my experience is whether single or twin leading shoe, Aurelia brakes are very effective once warmed up and I have never had a juddering problem.
Hope this helps.

Title: Re: Turning new brake shoe linings
Post by: impaw on 06 April, 2020, 11:06:35 AM
Very helpful, thank you!
As per usual, I do things in the wrong order  ;D

I plan to have the drums checked for concentricity, so if I have the shop grind the drums up a few thousands, the linings might be ok, and bed themselves in?
They are too fat now to have the drums fit over them.

Title: Re: Turning new brake shoe linings
Post by: Parisien on 06 April, 2020, 12:36:23 PM
As ever Chris, very helpful, thank you for sharing.

This may or may not link or open, but another very knowledgeable Aurelia owner Marc Bondini in Australia, put up a short film on the Aurelia FB demonstrating what you'd explained, correct?