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Title: Wiper motor wiring terminals
Post by: Mikenoangelo on 28 August, 2019, 09:06:12 PM
Just investigating the Magneti Marelli 6v wiper motor on my Augusta which is currently (!) fed with 12v but runs very well although getting a bit warm.

I had a problem with the lever switch whose spindle bush is a bit worn and allowed the contact arm to move too far blowing the fuse. I can sort that but on opening up the casing I found that the original connections which look as though they should have some sort of push-on end terminal on the wires, are just soldered in place rather nastily.

I have not found a wire end terminal which I imagine would push onto the brass terminal post from the side, in some way snapping into the groove of the post. It must leave the flat top of the post clear as that is used as a contact for the switch on one of the posts. Has anyone any knowledge of these?