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Title: Flavia Vignale Drivers Door Locking Machanism & Body Latch
Post by: lendickins on 01 April, 2019, 09:03:09 AM
The drivers door continually (on an irregular basis) springs open to the safety catch. Door hinges adjusted, quarter light frame realigned, mechanism stripped, cleaned, etc., but no joy. I have been told it is a common problem, but I have not experienced it since owning the car from 1973!.
So I trying to get hold of a complete drivers side (RHD) door lock mechanism complete and the body latch. Even the part that locks over the body latch would be helpful.
I guess it will be the same on a LHD car.
The Consortium seems unable to help.
If anyone has some spares available (or ideas) it would be appreciated since it is really unsafe to drive the car in this condition.
Len Dickins