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Title: Anthony Smallhorn
Post by: simonandjuliet on 16 March, 2019, 07:26:37 AM
I am sad to share the news that Anthony Smallhorn, a stalwart of the Lancia Motor Club in the 60's , 70's and 80's died last week

His father was a founding member of the LMC and Anthony formed the original Aurelia Consortium. He was well known for rallying an Aprilia in classic events and was a co-organiser of the 1981 centenary event in Italy amongst other things

He was a great character, larger than life and always enthusiastic. I will remember him fondly and I have written a fuller obituary which should be in the next VL

Title: Re: Anthony Smallhorn
Post by: rogerelias on 16 March, 2019, 10:10:50 PM
That name rings a bell from years ago, I am sure my dad would have known him, sorry to hear this

Title: Re: Anthony Smallhorn
Post by: brian on 17 March, 2019, 08:38:33 AM
I have happy memories of Anthony and his wife Mary and his home in Stotfold. In the early days he had all the Aurelia Consortium parts in his garage.
In February 1981 I went with Anthony, Nigel Trow and Harry Manning in Anthony's big Peugeot to Turin when he and Nigel were organising the Centenary Rally. Whilst there we stayed at Hotel Crimea (of course) and went to Cavalitto (of course)and it was there I saw the Historico Passport for Enrico Cavalitto's B10. I had never seen a B10 before and liked the look of it and so we drove out to Enrico's house and looked it over. Harry thought it was "OK" so I bought it. Nigel used it on the rally and drove it back for me. Good days.

Title: Re: Anthony Smallhorn
Post by: ColinMarr on 17 March, 2019, 11:17:39 AM
Nigel Trow has asked for the following notice to go in the next issue of VL and for it to be repeated here:

A commemorative meeting for the late Anthony Smallhorn will take place at

The Howgills Friends Meeting House, 42 South View, Letchworth Herts SG6 3JJ

on Saturday 13 April 2019 at 2 pm.

All of Anthony's old chums are welcome