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Title: Wheel Bolts
Post by: nthomas1 on 21 January, 2019, 10:30:07 AM

I bought some used wheel bolts on Ebay and they are a different size to the ones on my car.  The threaded section is about 26mm long whereas the bolts on my Series 2's steel wheels are about 22mm.  Can anybody tell me if they are interchangeable - or are the longer ones perhaps only for wider alloy wheels? My wheels are not here at the moment so I can't try them out.

The longer bolts have a steel finish rather than chrome plated like the originals - though they do have the domed seating rather than conical like some of the cheaper bolts advertised new on Ebay.  They actually look similar to ones advertised by Pieces Fulvia on their website.  I was thinking of getting my original bolts re-chromed but the five quotes quotes I got ranged from 144 to 296,, including VAT and shipping, which would make no sense compared to buying new from Omicron.


Title: Re: Wheel Bolts
Post by: lancialulu on 21 January, 2019, 12:23:08 PM
Cant say if they are interchangeable but you could screw one in each (wheelless) and se e if they foul the calipers. If not they will fit when wheels are on. No doubt an alloy wheel is thicker by c 1/4" but I use standard bolts for these with no problems.