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Title: Lancia PR01 testing & diagnostic kit, I have two of them, anybody?
Post by: HFmartini on 04 July, 2018, 06:52:50 AM
Good morning all, returning member after a 10 year hiatus.
Not sure if this is the right place to grab the clubs attention, and itís not a general ďfor saleĒ either, more a nod to the tooling and help for all.

After having a good look around as itís been a while I see that one main thing we all need from time to time is the help of the fabled PR01 Fiat/Lancia test kit, well, it just so happens that I have two of them in my possession.
Iím an auto spark by trade (my own business) and my favourite jobs are on the older classic and retro classics, far more interesting than just plugging in and reading what the laptop says, burnt, mouse chewed, rotted out looms are far more of a challenge for me and also keeping all the old-timers going puts a smile on my face, knowing they will keep turning heads and evoking nostalgic memories for many.
So in the course of my work I regularly buy old marque testing kits and drawings, many that would simply be binned (criminal in my eyes) and a few years ago I managed to bag myself a lovely little HF Turbo (#16 Delta of some description to add to my list over the years) and so going about getting bits and bobs to fully finish it, I came across a PR01 from a chap whose father used to run the F/L garage in Pitsea Essex, excellent, did a few bits with my Delta, but the one thing missing was the abundance of various test card procedures for various models, however, I recently found another with virtually ALL test cards and, again, a complete test kit, I bought it for the paperwork mainly.
So, I know have a spare, and wonderd, would the club be interested, or anyone else for that matter, club first so everybody can benefit from it, I also have a full copier so could also do a full set of the paperwork I have if needed.
Any thoughts anyone,
Like I say, Iím not sure if this is the right place for the post but Iím sure Iíll be advised if not.

And no this isnít a plug for my business, youíll notice I havenít put the name or any contact info about it, this is genuine Lancia club stuff,

Hopefully see some of you at Classics in the walled garden, Luton Hoo this afternoon/evening 4th June or Classics on the Common on the 25th in Harpenden.


Title: Re: Lancia PR01 testing & diagnostic kit, I have two of them, anybody?
Post by: lancialulu on 04 July, 2018, 07:09:25 AM
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