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Title: Delta HPE - time to let go...
Post by: M666 EVO on 16 March, 2018, 04:08:41 PM
Unless my numbers come up or a miracle happens and I suddenly have a garage/driveway when I get home, I think its time to part with my Delta HPE. As mentioned on some previous chats it has some issues.

It has an electrical issue so is a non runner. Possibly an after market alarm causing probs. It also needs some repairs due to rear shunt. Will suit someone with time, space and spanners. I have spanners and time but no where to keep it at all.

Positives are its solid underneath, just had new pads/discs, exhaust, 4 new Toyo Proxys, MOT till Oct, good history with independent specialist. Strong engine with 130k.

Either I can sell cheap to someone as a project or someone can store it for me for not a lot of money - but for the love of Lancia.

Any help and ideas much appreciated.