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Author Topic: Aprilia Cabrio - here we go again  (Read 64899 times)
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« Reply #465 on: Yesterday at 09:41:07 AM »

Great attention to detail as always Simon.Lovely job.  Ref plug extensions: Do they not short out at all with that exposed metal rod? I would have put rubber tubing or heat shrink over them, but I guess the proof is they work on your Berlina.

Keep up the good work!

1600 HF. S2.
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« Reply #466 on: Yesterday at 10:57:58 AM »

Back in the day there were not uncommon issues associated with plug connectors. One was an early warning indicator of water in the oil, leading to condensation on the plug connectors and a tell-tale misfiring. Removing a plug connector to see it smeared with what looked like mayonnaise was a depressing experience. This happened to me once and indicated a corroded block, subsequently repaired with Devcon. Another issue was causing an explosion under the rocker cover due to a build-up of unburnt fuel vapour. I have seen Aprilia bonnets (not mine) with a neat raised dome directly about the filler cap caused by just such an explosion! Happy days!   
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« Reply #467 on: Yesterday at 11:32:29 AM »

Regarding the plug connectors:

- A nicely written piece, published many years ago :
- New plug connectors are again available from Cavalitto;
- I have an Aprilia, now driven for more than 4000 km after a full restoration (not mine!), and have never had problems with the plugs. Problems however with condenser and coil, both changed now.
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« Reply #468 on: Yesterday at 10:13:36 PM »

I covered mine with plastic hose but still have the occasional explosion and have the dome in the bonnet to prove it.    The mayonnaise is called "woil" but I have only seen it (too often alas) in my Lambdas.

David Wheeler.  Lambdas, Aprilia, Fulvia Sport.(formerly Appia and Thema as well).
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