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Author Topic: Appia Buyers Guide  (Read 19838 times)
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stanley sweet
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« Reply #15 on: 01 April, 2015, 09:22:21 AM »

I suppose one answer would be to use an indendent valuer such as

This is just a random one I found. At least you would have something in writing for your insurer (as long as it was better news than you'd hoped for). As for values Quentin Willson always makes me smile on the new Classic Car programme. He'll say 'Go and buy a such and such now because you can get a mint low mileage example for just five grand!'. Two thoughts come to mind -

1. No you can't. You might be able to through your contacts in the trade. Everyone else will just find a high mileage dog for that money.

2. Maybe you could have done until you just said that!

1971 Fulvia 1.3S 'Leggera'  1999 Lancia Lybra 1.9JTD LX SW
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« Reply #16 on: 01 April, 2015, 12:09:15 PM »

Interesting words. I was not aware of the 'rocketing values' for good Integrales? I thought they had been stuck at 20-25k asking price for the last 3 or 4 years.
An awful lot of car for the money at that price mind you particularly  when compared to Porsche 993's of the same period (and which were also produced in large numbers) which have risen to the extent that there now appears to be a real shortage of cars for sale and even tiptronics are selling quickly.

Chris Gawne
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« Reply #17 on: 01 April, 2015, 12:56:19 PM »

As a professional valuer, not of cars I hasten to add, this thread is interesting.

Doing any valuation depends on knowing the product, knowing the market and having access to the fullest and most acurate information. Where differentials in price are acheived you need to understand how the items differed and what factors affected the market. Auction prices have a certain status because of the open bidding process but the way they reflect the market will depend on whether the vendor has chosen the right auction house, the right venue and the right time to bring their car to the market. Just think of how often a car sails way past its' reserve and reflect on what the outcome would have been if the last two bidders happened, for some accidental reason, not to be present on the day. Private sales will be affected by how desperate the owner is to sell, how the car has been advertised and who hapens to be in the market at the time.

My inclination would be to rely on a marque specialist, commercial or club advisor, and for members to provide them with any information on cars for sale or sold. If you go to look at a potential purchase and decide to walk away it would be informative for the club expert to know what the issues were with the car so they can reasonably judge the implications of condition when appraising an eventual sale price.

Ideally someone would have the time, resources and inclination to collate all such information...but therin lies the problem.
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Appia S1 - 2006 Turin centenary Car of the Century

« Reply #18 on: 01 April, 2015, 06:05:52 PM »

Interesting words. I was not aware of the 'rocketing values' for good Integrales? I thought they had been stuck at 20-25k asking price for the last 3 or 4 years.

No-one's told these blokes then:

O.K., the Martini 6 might be an exception, but the last one is Walker's, and they should know the market.

However, in my opinion / experience, it's not so much what others are *asking* that matters, as actual sale prices, and more to the point, demand. If no-one wants a car that is 'worth' 20K, you can ask 20K for it till you are blue in the face, but you won't get it.

The point about Integrales is that EVERYONE knows what they are, EVERYONE wants one, and EVERYONE thinks they are 'kewl' (a bit like VW Splitscreens). A lot of the buyers might be dreamers and wannabes, but they sure as hell want one. And will buy one if/when they have the money.

I have been driving the covered trailer back and forth to France for the last 2-3 years, containing my possessions and cars. At first it used to say 'Lancia' on the back, and people kept buttonholing me at the docks and asking if there was an Integrale inside. Then I removed the writing, and now they just ask what's inside. When I say a Lancia, they again ask 'is it an Integrale?' When I tell them it isn't, the disappointment is palpable.

I am slightly sad that I don't have a Grale any more, but I at least have a VW Splitscreen, and I know that every time I look at that, it looks like money in the bank to me.

I prefer the Appias though!
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