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Author Topic: An Appia Carburetor  (Read 2461 times)
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« on: 06 October, 2011, 05:32:39 PM »

Full of confidence after the MOT saga I decided to check the carb., which showed signs of leakage, seemingly at most locations.

A new air filter and a carb tune up kit were bought from Don and battle commenced.

The carb came off easily enough and, being a chicken, I decided to tackle it one bit at a time, dismantle a part, clean and re-assemble with new gaskets etc and then move on to the next part. It was not possible to refurbish the accelerator pump as the diaphragm was riveted in place, all exploded views showed it secured by a nut ...well, we'll ignore that and carry on !! All seemed to be going well and then ..........time to put the re-assembled carb back on the car.

Well, it went back on easily enough and then time to start the engine, petrol everywhere, weeping around the fuel pipe banjo, around the top of the float chamber, out of the accelerator pump assembly and pouring out from somewhere underneath ... not good !!!!!  Tighten the banjo and solve that, but what was going on everywhere else Huh?  Time to remove it and start again, but first buy a tube of Hylomar.

The main problem was that the new float chamber needle valve assembly uses a metal washer to seal in the top of the float chamber. In spite of using the new washer from the kit it was not possible to get a good seal, so petrol was bypassing the valve and flooding the carb, eventually pouring out through the drain in the bottom of the manifold. I did not want to overtighten anything and risk stripping a thread in the alloy carb body. Time for the Hylomar, a thin smear on the metalwasher. At this point I called Don and explained the problem of the accelerator pump diaphragm. No problem for Don, next morning, in the post, a spare accelerator pump !!!  Time for the next problem, it was different from mine !! The main casting, that between the diaphragm and the carb body, was totally different and the lever was the opposite hand.  I decided the best (only?) option was to cobble together a unit made up of my lever unit, the spare diaphragm assembly (with a new diaphragm from the kit) and the main casting from the spare.

Back went the carb onto the car, all linked up and ready to go !!  Outcome, no problems ....... at first sight, but then leakage noted at the joint between the accelerator pump and the carb body ......... expletives deleted, lots of them !!!

Off came the carb again, I've got good at this bit, off came the accelerator pump and out came the Hylomar. Time to put it back on ... by now, eventually, I have learnt, I dropped the unit onto the manifold, finger tightened the securing nuts, attached the fuel line (securely) and then switched on the ignition and the (non-standard) electric fuel pump, checked for leaks ......... none, at last !!  I then tightened the securing nuts, attached the throttle and choke cables  and the air filter housing. Fired it up and, to my  great relief, still no leaks.

I have still to tune the carb, but that seems straightforward, I hope I am not proved wrong !!

The lessons I  have learnt about a carb refurbishment  are :-  first step, buy a tube of Hylomar, only then buy the tune-up kit !!!  Try to check that the carb is a standard unit, if not seek advice. Lastly, when checking the unit on the car, only attach as much as is necessary to allow the checks to be carried out, saves an enormous amount of time if it has to come off again.

I'll be pleased to have it back on the road again, just in time for the turn of the weather ......


Permanent resident
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« Reply #1 on: 06 October, 2011, 07:38:34 PM »

It will be all the more fun on dark damp roads.  Keep at it !!


David Laver, Lewisham.
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« Reply #2 on: 07 October, 2011, 07:20:12 AM »

The Solex carb fitted to the S2/S3 Appia is readily available as a new unit since it is exactly the same as fitted to the Porsche 356 of the same period (the Porsche uses 2 of them!). Andrea

Andrea Nistri

Ardea S2
Appia S2
Fulvia GTE
Fulvia Sport 1.3 S
Fulvia Montecarlo
Fulvia Coupe 1.3 S
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