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Author Topic: Flaminia Coupe 2.5 for sale  (Read 25459 times)
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« Reply #60 on: 15 August, 2011, 02:21:30 PM »

Hi Alan,
Didn't realise you had a 2c, any details and photos please.
If you need any help I'd be happy to oblige.

Brian 8227 Cool

Hello Brian

I meant to say hello to you at the AGM and have a quick look at Fay even though at that stage I had nothing to compare to it as I only got my 2C on the following monday. With delivering the Flaminia the AGM was all a bit of a daze - I think I only had one beer all weekend!

Yes, the Newberry/Ferrari car previously known to you and as described by Chris above is the result of my trawl for something to bring home on the empty trailer. I don't recall seeing it on eBay at any stage in recent years but that may be as I was not particularly looking for one.

I am very pleased with it and am making it my project for Fulvia 2013 but you would be sorry to see its condition now. I will post a few more pictures of my own but you can see it in this set by Lee Proudfoot (current pics at bottom of page 2):

As the later pictures show, the bottom 6 inches are now so bad you would wonder how it was capable of road use even as recently as 2008. I can only assume that its 10-years spent in the Newberry collection following its import from Cyprus via Greece (as I understand from Lee) extended its natural life but that it began to deteriorate in real time once again when Mr Ferrari put it into regular use. However it is very straight, complete and mostly original apart from the bigger engine and the electrical modifications made for rally use. The exterior trim is all particularly good.

No doubt I will be in touch about one thing and another but don't expect a perfect or even faithful restoration like your own car as I have some pretty radical ideas for it but I think it will be a good candidate for Fulvia 2013 whatever happens and at least it will live to see another day.

Current needs include a front bumper and the black bits of the dashboard - I know you re-fashioned some of yours but I would be optimistic of sourcing these on the continent. The main  parts seem to be ambidextrous as regards LHD and RHD? Can't really think of what else it might need - I presume Bill Lewis is the man for sills and arches?



Alan Murphy

Lancias that begin with "F" ... and affordable variants beginning with "Z" and "P" ..... and now with added "Y"!
Richard Fridd
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« Reply #61 on: 15 August, 2011, 05:10:18 PM »

hi Alan,i will continue flaminia chat in the 'flaminia' section-[end of august soon! / will be in touch]best regards richard

Richard Nevison Fridd                                                                      Happy Lancia, Happy Life
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« Reply #62 on: 15 August, 2011, 06:18:32 PM »

Oh dear Alan, you are a very brave man !!!!!

Good luck with the project, I'm sure you will keep us up to date with progress.

Bill Lewis did the sills for my B20, a superb job, I don't know  if he has any experience of Fulvias, but all we sent him were some dimensioned sketches and back came the goods.

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« Reply #63 on: 15 August, 2011, 11:32:55 PM »

Hello Alan,
Sorry I missed you too at Cheltenham but I was only there for the sunday, I'd loved to have shown you around "Fay", I'm hoping I can put enough money together so that I can get Alan Wesson to do a bit of tidying for me, it's now 12 years since I put her back on the road, one job is the bottom of the front passenger door, very annoying, as about 6 years ago I had the Fiat Dealer in Bedford in 2006 cut the bottoms 3 inches out of both front doors, replace the section, paint, and antirust inside the doors, the drivers side is still ok but the passenger door is going again Angry
Sorry to see poor old OPD in the condition she is now in, the underbonnet fire Lee had certainly couldn't have helped with doing other necessary jobs, and I suspect that she has never had any major work to the lower body up to now.
However, you'll be pleased to know that from below the silver facia panel, all the padding is the same as series 2 Berlina, I only found out when idly pouring through the Tavoli one day a couple of years ago, to find the part numbers for series 1 ans 2 were the same, I'd been looking around for the thin pad that runs from the air vent one side, under the silver panel and the instrument cluster to the other air vent for years, without any luck.
You would be unlucky looking for the lower crash pads and glove box lid on the Continent as all of them are specific RHD or LHD, ( I have a LHD one to prove it!) look at the sides of the Glove box lid, one side is vertical the other is angled, on LHD it is on the opposite side of the lid, and this affects the rest of these panels.
If you look at a series 2 Berlina dash it looks totally different from series one, but it's only above the padding I've mentioned that it changes, the rest of it is the same.
I have a set of the knee level ones, so if you need them please let me know.
I see that the offside of your front bumper is badly damaged, if you know anyone who can weld stainless steel my original bumper was damaged on the nearside end but the rest of it is OK, so if you want it it's yours, I bought a refurbished one from Cavellito about 10 years ago,  Jack Romano brought it back from Turin for me on a plane, telling them it was a pair of skis!
Jack got his own back a couple of years later when we went to Turin on another trip which included calling in at Cavellito's for more bits, I asked Jack if I could return the favour, which resulted in 4 of us carry one Gamma front Disc Rotor each in our hand luggage, boy, were they heavy Roll Eyes
If you need anything give me a ring, I haven't got a vast range of spares, but at least it's all 2c related.
What is the condition of the dash top crash pad? mine was in a terrible state as all the foam had turned to dust, I had one made but it wasn't right, and I eventually found one through a friend in Holland.
Nearly all the exterior brightwork is stainless steel, but do look after it as it's near impossible to get hold of, but I have most of a spare set if you're stuck anytime.
Door handles go really bad and are also hard to get hold of, I had the last two new ones that Cavellito had about 5 years ago.
If you have trouble with the gear linkage ( the original bushes break up) I got about a dozen from Cavellito, I gave a set to a friend in Holland when their AA had to do a temporary repair to his with a champagne cork Roll Eyes and I have a few spare.
Finally out of the three 2C's that I know off, two now reside in Ireland as that was where Robin Lacey's CTA 762C finished up a few years ago.
 Nearly forgot! I never had to have any panels made but I'd certainly say from all I've heard that Bill Lewis is your man, although original panels still turn up, mainly in Italy.

8227 Cool
« Last Edit: 15 August, 2011, 11:35:00 PM by fay66 » Logged

Own 1966 Fulvia 2C Berlina since 1997, back on road 11-1999.Known as "Fay"
2006 Renault Megane 1 5 Dci Sports Tourer
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« Reply #64 on: 16 August, 2011, 10:22:26 AM »

This is the picture to keep coming back to...


David Laver, Lewisham.
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