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Author Topic: Early Fulvia Pistons.  (Read 2099 times)
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« on: 27 May, 2010, 01:53:59 PM »

Hi there you Fulvia guys,
                                 I am embarking on an Aprilia engine rebuild and am advised that Fulvia pistons are a good option.I presume they have an offset "hump" as required to give a sensible compression ratio in a narrow vee engine. The Aprilia normally has flat topped or mildly domed pistons and a c/r of only 5.75:1 (There are rumours of a legendary Tony Smallhorn car that would top 100 mph using an engine with such pistons!)
                                My research shows the common 1298cc Fulvia engine starts with 77mm pistons but I dont think this would leave enough meat in the S1 Aprilia liner (might be ok for S2?) Hence I am looking for pistons from the earlier smaller engined cars.
                                The standard Aprilia bore is 72mm and all the blocks I have looked at seem to have been bored to +60 thou allready ie 73.5mm. According to Wim W. early smaller Fulvia engines had bores as follows:
                               1091cc         72mm    (same as Aprilia)  67mmstroke
                               1216cc         76mm                             "   "     "   
                               1231cc         75mm    (longer, 69.7 stroke)
and the Greek version  1199cc         74mm

                               So the question is does anybody have or know of any of these 74, 75 or76mm pistons? New or used provided they are servicable.

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« Reply #1 on: 27 May, 2010, 02:25:18 PM »

I ended up getting some made - such is life that was more than a decade ago and still in the box.  I'll try and find them or some notes as to where that was done and what size.  They have the wedge top for an increased CR.

The other "urban myth" is of Aurelia pistons in an Aprillia engine.  I've a note someplace of who/when/how.

Another (potential) solution is to use the pistons you have and sleeve.

What stage is your project?   


David Laver, Lewisham.
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« Reply #2 on: 27 May, 2010, 04:55:55 PM »

These are the relevant pages from the data book.

They quite often come up on

* Slide3.JPG (107.34 KB, 960x720 - viewed 229 times.)

* Slide2.JPG (87.25 KB, 960x720 - viewed 220 times.)

* Slide1.JPG (63.23 KB, 960x720 - viewed 220 times.)
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« Reply #3 on: 28 May, 2010, 06:31:53 AM »

Many thanks for prompt responses.It would seem Italian e-bay has the answers.I now have to do some serious research on how safe it is to bore these engines beyond the recommended +60 thou limit. I will switch to a thread in the Aprilia section to pursue this and answer your comments David.
I would still be keen to hear from anybody who has a set of second hand pistons in the 74/75mm size range that might be had for a bit less than 50 each!
Thanks again
« Reply #4 on: 28 May, 2010, 09:50:30 AM »

Afraid I only have a set of 76mm diameter pistons spare (2 x A 303 and 2 x B 303)

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« Reply #5 on: 28 May, 2010, 10:12:25 AM »

this company makes and supplies high quality pistons and rings for almost any Lancia model. Andrea

Andrea Nistri

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Appia S2
Fulvia GTE
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